What did you do over the weekend? If you're Yamaha Europe, your answer might be 'we announced pricing information for the 2024 XSR900 GP.' From its introduction in late October 2023, enthusiasts around the world have been drawn to its retro-inspired beauty. 

Nearly a month later, the enthusiasm has only grown as more people have gotten to see the XSR900 GP in person. It put in a strong appearance at EICMA 2023 in Milan to start off November, and it's since made its way to Motorcycle Live in the UK, which started on November 18.

As of November 20, 2023, Yamaha has not confirmed this bike anywhere outside of Europe and the UK. Still, if you've been a motorcycle fan for more than a minute, you're probably already used to asking "why does everyone else always get the cool stuff?" (Don't worry, you're more than welcome to sit with RideApart while we stare wistfully across the pond.)

Gallery: 2024 Yamaha XSR900 GP

Pricing in the UK

Pricing may vary in different European markets, but in the UK, Yamaha's pricing for the XSR900 GP is £12,500 (about $15,628) for both the Legend Red and Power Grey colorways. For comparison, the standard 2024 XSR900 starts at £10,610 (about $13,265). 

Naturally, a whole host of accessories is available for the XSR900 GP, including everything from panniers to billet aluminum farkles to heated grips. The Yamaha UK website has a configurator that will let you add any and all accessories you like to spec out your bike.

But Wait, There's More


If you're the type of fan who saw the XSR900 GP, but you wished it had a full fairing instead of a half fairing, Yamaha Motor Europe also thought of you. It's offering an exclusive Racer Pack that includes a color-matched bottom fairing, tinted windscreen, sport license plate holder, and a full Akrapovič exhaust. If you're interested in the Racer Pack and you're in Europe, you should reach out to your local Yamaha dealer to inquire about pricing and availability.

Here's What it Costs in the UK to Individually Add All the Racer Pack Bits to the XSR900 GP

The Yamaha UK site doesn't list Racer Pack pricing information yet at the time of writing. However, each individual component is listed, so we tallied up the a la carte costs of all the items included in the Racer Pack. Here's what we found:

Component UK Price (a la carte)
2024 Yamaha XSR900 GP £12,500 (about $13,265)
Color-matched lower fairing £623.02 (about $778.57)
Sporty XSR license plate holder £161.50 (about $202)
Full Akrapovič exhaust

£1,907.50 for the Black (about $2,384)

£1,672.40 for the Titanium (about $2,090)

Tinted windscreen

£139.88 (about $174.80)


with Black Akrapovič exhaust: £15,567 (about $19,454)

with Titanium Akrapovič exhaust: £15,331.90 (about $19,160)

Are you excited about the 2024 Yamaha XSR900 GP? If you live in Europe or the UK, do you plan on getting one? Tell us about it in the comments. (If you're somewhere else on the planet, please feel free to commiserate with RA about how we can't have nice things.)

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