Remember that feeling when you were a kid, and you had That One Thing that you really wanted for your birthday? Or maybe it was a holiday present. Anyway, remember how excited you got when all the hints you'd been dropping were clearly received by your loved ones, and you got what you wanted?

Conversely, do you remember how sad you were when the day came and went, and it turned out that no one got you That One Thing after all? Well, um, we have some news for you. Yamaha US just announced the rest of its motorcycle lineup for 2024.

If you (like me) were hoping that the XSR900 GP would be in those ranks, you'll just have to keep that hope alive for next year. That bike certainly looks like a very nice thing, but unfortunately it's a nice thing that we in the US apparently can't have. (At least, not yet.)

Gallery: 2024 Yamaha US Returning Model Lineup

Here are the 15 previously unannounced bikes that Yamaha US says are returning for 2024. These are in addition to bikes that Yamaha has already announced separately, like the 2024 Tracer 9 GT+ and the facelifted 2024 MT-09 and MT-09 SP.

In scooters, we've got the 2024 Zuma 125 in Matte Black or Sand Gray for $3,799. If you'd prefer a 300cc scoot, there's the 2024 XMAX in Granite Gray for $6,199.

In sport touring, we've got the 2024 FJR1300ES in Cobalt Blue for $18,299.

In Yamaha's MT range, we've got the 2024 MT-10 SP in Liquid Metal/Raven for $16,999; the 2024 MT-10 in Midnight Cyan for $14,499; the 2024 MT-07 in your choice of Team Yamaha Blue, Midnight Cyan, or Matte Raven Black for $8,199; and the 2024 MT-03 in Midnight Cyan or Matte Stealth Black for $4,999. 

In Yamaha's Supersport range, we've got the 2024 YZF-R1M in Carbon Fiber for $27,399; the 2024 YZF-R1 in Team Yamaha Blue or Raven for $18,399; the 2024 YZF-R7 in Team Yamaha Blue, Raven, or Matte Gray for $9,199; and the 2024 Yamaha YZF-R3 in Team Yamaha Blue or Vivid White for $5,499. 

Finally, in Yamaha's Sport Heritage range, we have the 2024 XSR900 in Heritage White for $10,299; the 2024 XSR700 in Raven for $8,899; the 2024 Bolt R-Spec in Raven for $8,899; and the 2024 V Star 250 in Raven for $4,699. 

Here are all the price differences from last year for each model. Some prices have changed, while others have stayed the same.

Bike 2024 Price 2023 Price
Yamaha YZF-R1M $27,399 $26,999
Yamaha YZF-R1 $18,399 $17,999
Yamaha YZF-R7 $9,199 $9,199
Yamaha YZF-R3 $5,499 $5,499
Yamaha MT-10 SP $16,999 $17,199
Yamaha MT-10 $14,499 $14,199
Yamaha MT-07 $8,199 $8,199
Yamaha MT-03 $4,999 $4,999
Yamaha FJR1300ES $18,299 $18,299
Yamaha XMAX $6,199 $6,099
Yamaha Zuma 125 $3,799 $3,799
Yamaha Bolt R-Spec $8,899 $8,899
Yamaha XSR900 $10,299 $10,199
Yamaha XSR700 $8,899 $8,899
Yamaha V Star 250 $4,699 $4,699

If you're in the US, are you sad that we don't get the XSR900 GP this year? If you're in Europe, are you getting a distinct sense of "neener neener" at riders across the pond? Are you happy that one of your other favorites is listed, or maybe (dis)pleased with the colors that are offered? Let us know in the comments.

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