According to Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, the brand's in-house Tusk 2Track tire—specifically the rear tire—may have not cured correctly when it went on sale. As such, the company has issued a recall affecting 900 tires in total. 

The NHTSA was contacted by the company, with the recall summary on record stating "Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, Inc. (RMATV) is recalling certain Tusk 2Track Adventure rear motorcycle tires, size 150/70B-18. The tread layer was improperly cured, which can result in sections of tread detaching from the tire."

The documentation provided by Rocky Mountain ATV/MC details that of the 900 tires sold, 100% of them are estimated to have the defect. It further goes on to state that "the rear motorcycle replacement tires may not have been manufactured in accordance with specifications," adding that the 900 tire figure was determined through "production and shipping records."

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Obviously, this represents a serious riding danger, as rear tires that haven't cured could be prone to delaminating, debeading, and other failures while riding. According to Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, the company specifically states that the "tread knobs could experience chunking and potentially separate from the carcass over time."

A visual inspection of the tire would reveal such a defect. As for the remedy, the NHTSA recall states, "The remedy is under development. Owner notification letters are expected to be mailed May 15, 2024. Owners may contact RMATV customer service at 1-801-465-3140."

According to the brand, it is not aware of any "crashes, property damage, fatalities, or injuries related to this defect." The brand, however, will increase the curing time for all future batches of the tire.

You can read the full document sent to the NHTSA by Rocky Mountain ATV/MC here

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