To me, helmets aren't an optional accessory. They're a necessity for any type of riding, whether it be dirt, pavement, or snow. One even saved my life after hitting a cliff wall at around 40mph. They're also statistically proven to increase your life expectancy when riding—just ask Missouri for the state's data

But all helmets don't offer the same level of protection, as the one helmet style I'll never suggest anyone ride with is the half helmet design that so many riders love to entrust their skulls to. Why? Because you might as well be wearing a baseball cap as it offers the same protection.

And though I can go into why I believe this, I'm going to let this Japanese man explain why half helmets suck, but do so without translation or subtitles. You won't need them, as his teachings are in a universal language. Check it out. 


Oh yeah, he nailed why half helmets suck. As he so expertly showed, they don't protect the critical parts of your face if you fall off your bike, chiefly your face, side of your face, and chin. You know, the parts you really want to keep attached to your skull. 

He also perfectly acts out how the half helmet won't do shit for you if you start to slide and your face hits the pavement, along with rolling, how the helmet can move and not protect the back of your head, and more. Essentially, he produces a helluva PSA of why not to wear these trash fire helmets all in a hysterical way. 

OK, so he does provide one instance of how these helmets can be effective: if you fly off your bike and lawn dart your way into the pavement. But that's it. 

I hope everyone grabs a better helmet after this, because you should absolutely never wear these helmets. Ever.

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