Icon Motosport is known for making the type of gear that stands out in a crowd, and the Portland, Oregon-based company has been doing this for years. As with all designs, some may speak to you more than others. A lot of times, Icon makes strong use of bright, colorful graphic concepts on its helmets, but not this time.

In fact, that's just one way in which its latest lid diverges from the pack. This is the new Icon Elsinore Monotype, and rather than rely on bold graphics to draw your eye, it's all about the physical design here.

Executive Editor Jonathon Klein just kept saying, "This is the way" when he first saw it and I'm guessing you'll get why.

Icon Elsinore Monotype in action
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For its world premiere, it's available in just four solid colors: White, Red, Black, and Grey. Raised dots around the perimeter of the helmet add both visual interest and texture, and probably also feel pretty cool to touch with your bare hands. (We can only speculate here, but I mean, look at the thing.)

All colors come with one of Icon's MXShield visors in the color Limo Black, which Icon also says is fog-free. The liner inside all four colors is a tan concoction made from a combination of moisture-wicking Hydradry material and Ax Suede, and the shell is a fiberglass composite. 

Where this helmet really gets interesting is in how it opens.

It's a cross between an MX lid and a modular, so the entire chin bar and visor section can pop up if you like, or else come all the way off to reveal an open-face lid with a peak up top.

Icon Elsinore Monotype - Open

As you might expect, the ventilation has to be pretty great in a lid that's put together the way this one is. While we're only commenting on design and not offering a review here, what we can tell you right now is that Icon outfitted the Elsinore Monotype with a total of eight air intakes and two exhaust ports. Of course, the fact that you can pop it open like so or take the entire front off when things get too hot will also add to its cooling capabilities. 

If you're looking for a nice, quiet helmet to prevent excessive wind noise, though, we'd guess that you may want to look elsewhere.

Icon Elsinore Monotype - Wide Open

The Icon Elsinore Monotype was created in an intermediate oval head shape, which should fit a fairly wide cross-section of riders. Currently, only its compliance with DOT standards is listed on the official website. Available sizes range from XS to 3XL, the MSRP for this helmet is a pretty reasonable $275 USD. 

One more thing to note about this helmet: It's made to fit Icon's Helmlink Bluetooth communicator, which the firm got together with Sena to develop. The comms don't come with the helmet, but it's ready to accept them, should you choose to purchase and install them. It also fits all Icon MXShields (sold separately), so you can swap colors away from the Limo Black.

Icon Elsinore Monotype - Four Colors

If you're looking for something that stands out in a different way than you might be used to from Icon, this design might fit the bill. But as always, go try on any helmet you're interested in, as it's the best way to tell whether or not it'll suit your individual head. 

What do you think of this design? Are you ready to forego your 3D-printed add-ons for your Mandalorian cosplay in favor of this Icon?

This is the way...to the comments!

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