Go-karts are super fun, but you know what’s even more fun? Crosskarts.

An amalgamation between a go-kart and a dune buggy, crosskarts present themselves as go-anywhere machines that want to do nothing more than have a great time. This fun is turned up to eleven when you get your hands on a couple of electric crosskarts with tons of power.

As usual, we see these crazy machines in action in a video from YouTube channel CboysTV. We’ve featured these guys on multiple occasions, and they have no shortage of wild projects, like the fully remote-controlled ATV we talked about last time. In their most recent video, the boys got their hands on a couple of Sierra Echo R-Spec crosskarts.

Would You Drive These Crazy Electric Crosskarts From Sierra?

RIP rear tires.

For the record, the Sierra Echo is an all-electric crosskart with a 150-horsepower output—that’s quite a lot, especially given the fact that this thing delivers instantaneous torque. Their headquarters is also just a few minutes down the road from Executive Editor Jonathon Klein (HINT, HINT, SIERRA).

But the R-Spec, which is the machine featured in CboysTV's video, is a completely different animal, with a whopping power output of 302 horsepower and a top speed of 120 miles an hour.

As you can see in the video, the boys take turns driving these things, and we get absolutely no shortage of burnouts, drifts, and spin-outs. It certainly looks like these things are a hoot to drive because of how much power they dish out and how little they weigh, so it should go without saying that they’re a little bit more than your average off-road recreational vehicle.

Unfortunately, the video doesn’t show the Sierra crosskarts in action off-road, perhaps due to safety concerns. But this is what these machines were intended for. A quick visit to Sierra’s official website reveals that both the Echo and Echo R-Spec crosskarts are quite capable machines, easily conquering rally-style terrain at a blistering pace.

Would You Drive These Crazy Electric Crosskarts From Sierra?

Clealry, the Sierra Echo is capable of so much more than just donuts in an empty parking lot.

Sierra markets its crosskarts as capable all-rounders, showcasing their ability across multiple types of terrain. From snowy trails, rally stages, big jumps, and even tarmac, these crosskarts are built for maximum control and performance. Judging from how much fun the boys over at CboysTV had, it certainly looks like these crosskarts can make you feel like a superhero no matter where you take them.

Lucy Block, Ken Block's wife, even drove one up Pikes Peak this year. 

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Now, if you’re like me, then you probably have an insatiable urge to add a Sierra crosskart to your toy collection. After doing some digging on this thing, that urge immediately disappeared when I saw the whopping $40,000 price tag for the standard Echo. The price of the R-Spec? An eye-watering $74,899 USD.

In that case, if you’ve got a chunk of change burning a hole in your pocket amounting to 40 grand, you may want to check out the Echo on Sierra’s official website.

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