I've known a lot of backyard engineers in my day. I may even be one myself.

But these wrenches of fortune all come highly recommended but all seem to also laugh in the face of danger—Ha ha ha ha. That's not to say they aren't good at what they do.

There is, however, a level of redneck engineering that makes every sketchy DIY job be put to shame and, folks, this is one of those times. 

What we have here is someone that need to move their motorcycle. But they don't have a motorcycle trailer. Likewise, they don't have a truck to either load a motorcycle into or attach a U-Haul trailer to. All they have is a modified Ford Mustang, a ratchet strap, and some hopes and dreams. Madre de Dios. 

Take a look.


Listen, I don't think I have to tell you that you shouldn't try this at home. But I'm fascinated by how they made it work. Well, seemingly work. We don't know if they made it to their final destination or caused someone to meet their "Final Destination 2" or whichever one was with the logging truck that caused so much millennial PTSD. 

From what I can see, though, it's pretty well locked in and isn't moving all that much. For something with stretch—as is the case with a ratchet strap—I'm impressed. Horrified, sure, but also impressed. 

They also managed to get the front tire up off the pavement, which would've absolutely caused a ton of issues had it been touching. I have no idea how they did this, but like, I'm stunned at how good this seems to work.

Again, don't do this at home. Trailers aren't that expensive and a friend to drive your car while you ride a bike somewhere is cheaper than causing the calamitous accident awaiting this setup will be.

But wow, I can't believe this worked...

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