If you’re a dirt riding enthusiast, you don’t need anyone else to tell you how fun it can be. The thing is, though, that most of the time, you must transport your dirt bike using another vehicle that’s street legal. Now, most people choose to do this using trucks or vans, which is arguably the most practical way to get the job done. 

Is it the most fun, though? That’s debatable. Presumably, that could also be why enduro rider and YouTuber Matt Spears had a singularly hilarious, more-than-moderately-sketchy idea. What if he took his dirt bike and strapped it to the back of his Honda Gold Wing?  

I mean, the Gold Wing does have an ample amount of space for both a pillion and whatever stuff the two of you want to take on a trip. Dirt bikes usually aren’t very heavy, so weight shouldn’t be an issue. Awkwardness of the overall shape and distribution of that weight might be, but there’s only one way to find out, right? Right. 

Just to be clear, Spears shows us the modifications he’s made to his Gold Wing to make it suitable for off-road use. The sides of the front fairings have been removed, so there’s no worry about the sheer inevitability of breaking those off while traversing tough terrain. He’s installed a serious skid plate under the engine to help protect it from rocks, stumps, and anything else that could cause trouble down under. A set of bright PIAA fog lights on the front adds extra illumination, which will likely come in handy at some point. 

The first challenge is getting the dirt bike up and onto the back of the ‘Wing. Once he’s done that, and it’s as secure as is feasible, it’s time to roll off to the trail that he and his fellow dirt riding buddies want to explore.  

Now, this is the point where you might be expecting Spears to unstrap the dirt bike from the back of the Gold Wing, then ride off on it for a fun day on the trail with his friends. That’s not what happens, though. Instead, he decides to take the ‘Wing off roading with his bike still strapped to the back. A little bit of the dirt path seems smooth, but most of it is pretty gnarly and he gets some good bounce going as he takes the ‘Wing places where few ‘Wings have gone before. 

As you probably expect, the ‘Wing does go down more than once—although it’s clear that Spears has some serious skills as he’s laughing and piloting the ‘Wing on this trail. The first hit takes a speaker grille off, but no worries—the ‘Wing has luggage, so it’s a simple matter to just tuck it into one of the side bags.  

Spears plans more adventures with the ‘Wing in the future, and there’s already another video posted (sadly with no enduro bike strapped to the back this time). You may want to subscribe if you’re both amazed and amused at what you’re seeing in this video.  

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