Who doesn’t love a good backpack? There’s a reason why these super simple, yet effective, luggage solutions are still the go-tos for nearly everyone—they just work. And it doesn’t matter what you do or where you go; you can always use a good back. You could argue that in the world of motorcycles, backpacks are a staple too.

We’ve talked tons about the best backpacks you can buy for your two-wheeled escapades. I even recently wrote an in-depth review of my Kriega R15, a backpack that’s seen all sorts of action. That said, there’s a new backpack in town, and it was born out of a partnership between two big names in their respective industries: Piquadro and Moto Morini.

Those of you with a thing for fashion will be familiar with Piquadro. I’m not, but after some quick digging, I found that the Italian brand occupies the luxury space in the world of fashion, and specializes in leather goods. As for Moto Morini, it’s a famous motorcycle brand with Italian origins and has recently made headlines thanks to its middleweight offerings like the Seiemmezzo and X-Cape 650.


Like most Italian moto manufacturers, Moto Morini is as much about lifestyle as it is performance, and it brings this to life with its apparel and lifestyle collections.

To provide customers with an even more premium experience, the Moto Morini Backpack by Piquadro offers form and function, designed specifically for the rugged lifestyle that accompanies motorcycles. It’s made out of 40 percent recycled fabric that's been treated with a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) layer for waterproofing.

With a 25-liter capacity, it’s big enough to store your daily essentials, as well as a change of clothes for overnight trips out of town. It incorporates a glasses case and bottle holder for extra on-the-go convenience.

Perhaps the only limiting factor of this backpack is the fact that it has massive “Morini” lettering emblazoned on the back, so you pretty much need to own a Moto Morini motorcycle to rock this backpack in a chic and fashionable manner. If you do, then you can grab this stylish and functional backpack at your nearest Moto Morini dealer for 219 euros, or about $237 USD.

But what do you think? Are you going to pony up for this bag?

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