Like most companies, motorcycle manufacturers have developed iconic logos over the years. To observers, though, it's rarely just the sight of the Bar and Shield or the triple tuning forks that tells you that something is a Harley or a Yamaha. 

No, one of the biggest giveaways is undoubtedly the colors. Harley-Davidson's very specific shade of orange and black is different from, say, KTM's shade of orange. Plenty of OEMs use one shade of blue or another, but Team Yamaha Blue still stands out from the crowd as its own thing. 

The same thing is absolutely true of Indian Motorcycle Red. So deeply ingrained is it, in fact, that I didn't even realize that I always mentally expect that a particular old black-and-white photo of my grandparents with their Indian featured a red bike. I don't know what color that bike was in reality. Still, my mind automatically painted it that color anyway, because the automatic association with Indian is that strong.

2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite - Parked - Right Side

2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite - Right Side View, Parked

The 2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite is a special bike for the company for more than one reason. Apart from the limited edition nature of all Elite models, it marks the very first time that Indian Motorcycle has used that iconic Indian Motorcycles shade of red since the company's revival as a part of Polaris.

That fact might come as a surprise, particularly if your brain likes to immediately tie the Indian brand and that shade of red together without giving it a lot of thought. Still, it was 1904 when the original Indian Motorcycle used that paint scheme for the first time, and it's bringing the colorway back a full 120 years later.

How Limited An Edition Is The 2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite?

2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite - Studio - Front Right Angle View

2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite - Studio - Front Right Angle View

Just 350 of these bikes will be sold worldwide. The look, Indian says, is "custom-inspired." The company teamed up with two custom paint shops to achieve the look: Colorado's Gunslinger Custom Paint and Wisconsin's Custom Painted Vehicles. Each of these bikes, Indian says, takes over 24 hours to do the paint alone. The gold pinstripes are hand-painted, but you probably wouldn't expect otherwise.

Other Features

2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite - Cockpit Angle Closeup

2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite - Gloss Black Dash

The 2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite is packed with additional features, including special and exclusive Elite badges, PowerBand Audio with Bass Boost, a Pathfinder Adaptive LED headlight, polished floorboards for rider and passenger, a gloss black dash, a color-matched and stitched seat that's both heated and cooled, a tinted flare windshield to go with the new paint job, backlit switch cubes (very nice to have in low visibility conditions), and more.

Pricing and Availability

2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite - Right Side Closeup

2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite - Right Side Engine Closeup

Indian Motorcycle plans to offer the 2024 Roadmaster Elite in markets worldwide. Since only 350 total bikes will be made, availability will be limited. Pricing also varies by geography.

In the US, the MSRP for the 2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite starts at $41,999. If you live in a region outside the US, your best bet for the most accurate pricing and availability in your region is to contact your local authorized Indian Motorcycle dealer with any questions you may have.

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