Indian Motorcycle’s Challenger and Chieftain baggers already put riders in the lap of luxury, but the brand’s Elite trim takes those accommodations and amenities to the next level. Whether you prefer the performance-oriented 108ci PowerPlus V-twin or the familiar feel of the pushrod-actuated Thunderstroke 116 engine, the two top-tier models should provide the utmost comfort and convenience for long-distance travelers.

In the 2022 Indian Challenger Elite, the PowerPlus still pumps out a class-leading 122 horsepower and 128 lb-ft of torque, but the team surrounds that powerplant with a host of features. The electronically adjustable rear Fox shock enables riders to adapt the suspension to different loads and passenger weights. Indian's Smart Lean Technology maintains grip in all situations while an adaptive LED headlight and driving lights help users stay ahead of the curve. The select floorboards, heated grips, and adjustable flare windscreen also amplify comfort in the cockpit

Gallery: 2022 Indian Challenger Elite and Chieftain Elite

Of course, the Challenger Elite includes ABS, keyless ignition, tire pressure monitoring system, and 18-gallon saddlebags, but the upgraded tech defines the special trim. Powered by Indian’s Ride Command interface, the seven-inch touchscreen still offers Apple CarPlay and GPS turn-by-turn navigation, but an upgraded 400-watt PowerBand audio system and saddlebag speakers bring the noise. If that top-end stereo system doesn’t turn enough heads, the muscle car-inspired Stealth Gray/Black Metallic/Indy Red paint job should do the trick.

The Chieftain Elite, however, takes another tack, siding with a subdued yet refined Heavy Metal Smoke base color and bronze accents on the tank badge, saddlebag latches, center console, primary cover, airbox, pushrod tubes, horn cover, and cam cover. The Thunderstroke 116 still beats at the heart of the Chieftain with 126 lb-ft of torque, but Indian sweetens the package with an adaptive LED headlight, tinted flare windscreen, spacious floorboards, saddlebag LED lights, backlit switches, and an integrated 400-watt PowerBand audio system.

Just like the Challenger Elite, the Chieftain Elite also boasts a seven-inch TFT display, ABS, keyless ignition, tire pressure monitoring, and 18-gallon saddlebags. Indian will only produce 150 Chieftain Elite units with a retail price of $32,999, while the 200 Challenger Elites will go for $34,999.

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