April 15 is a day that Americans tend to eye warily. If you're one of our readers outside the US, that's because most years, it's our annual federal tax deadline. Almost no one who isn't a paid tax preparer is excited about this day, but Aprilia is here to help us riders potentially change our minds.

Why? If you'll be in or near the vicinity of Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas on April 15, 2024, that just so happens to be the very first day of the Aprilia Racers Days 2024 season.

Throughout the year, Aprilia hosts Racers Days events at some of the very best tracks across America, inviting Aprilia owners out for an unforgettable experience on track. Kicking things off at COTA on a day that everyone almost universally dreads is most likely a next-level stress reliever.

2024 Aprilia Racers Days Dates, Tracks, And Locations

Date Track Location
April 15, 2024 Circuit of the Americas Austin, Texas
April 22, 2024 Road Atlanta Braselton, Georgia
July 1, 2024 Ridge Motorsports Park Shelton, Washington
July 22, 2024 Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca Salinas, California
September 30, 2024 New Jersey Motorsports Park Millville, New Jersey
October 21, 2024 Buttonwillow Raceway Park Buttonwillow, California

Please note that if you don't live on either coast of the US, the only ARD event in 2024 that's not on either coast is the first one at COTA in April. That's still quite a trek if you're in, say, Minnesota.

What You Need To Know To Participate In Aprilia Racers Days 2024

Aprilia Racers Days 5

Aprilia Racers Days in progress.

Aprilia Racers Days are events sponsored by Aprilia Americas for existing owners of Aprilia motorcycles to bring their bikes to the track and improve their skills. All participants will need to bring their own gear (helmet, leathers, boots, gloves) and their motorcycle.

Aprilia also invites leading motorcycle gear and tire manufacturers including Dainese, AGV, and Pirelli to its Racers Days events. Participants will be able to check out the latest and greatest products on offer from those manufacturers at each of the six events.

Pricing varies by location and activity. Regular track day experiences in Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced groups are available at all ARD events. Schools (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced) are also available, but they usually cost a bit more than the standard track day on its own since instruction is involved.

Each ARD 2024 event includes a complimentary lunch and free track day photography. Registration is first come, first served, so move quickly if you know you want to participate in a specific ARD event.

Can I Test Ride New Aprilia Bikes At Aprilia Racers Days 2024 Events?

2024 Aprilia RS 457 - Track

2024 Aprilia RS 457 - This could be you, if your name is Maverick Viñales.

Aprilia will have bikes from its 2024 lineup on hand for riders to demo at each stop on the Aprilia Racers Days 2024 calendar. However, there are some restrictions.

Beginner (or C Group) riders will only be able to demo the 660cc and 457cc machines, and will not be able to try any 1100cc bikes. Racers who are in the Intermediate or Advanced (B or A Groups) will be able to demo any bike from Aprilia's current fleet that is at that event.

One demo ride is available per participant, and Aprilia and its coaching staff reserve the right to refuse demo rides and/or ask any negligent riders to leave the event. So, you know, be on your best behavior. You were going to do that anyway, right? Right.

Be aware that Aprilia also has a $500 minimum fee for any crashes that take place either in the track or in the paddock while riding its demo fleet. This amount will be charged to the credit card participants file at registration for each event. Available demo fleet models will include the RSV4, Tuono V4, RS 660, Tuono 660, and RS 457.

To register for any of the ARD 2024 events, check out the Aprilia link in our Sources.

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