CFMoto had a hot streak of new bikes thanks to the advent of its 450 platform. The 450MT made headlines everywhere following its debut at EICMA this year, and last I heard, the bike was swarmed during its unveiling in Milan. 

It’s safe to say that there is a ton of interest surrounding the bike, and a lightweight adventure-touring motorcycle may just be what CFMoto needs to fill in that one hole in the lineup. Currently, the brand offers 450s in sport-naked, sportbike, and cruiser forms, and a lightweight ADV with that 449.5cc 270-degree parallel twin motor is probably the match made in heaven that many riders and CFMoto enthusiasts have been waiting for. 

Leaked CFMoto 450 MT Photos

Starting off with the sportbike 450SS, then the naked 450NK, and then the 450 CL-C, it’ll soon be the turn of the 450MT to make the rounds around the world. CFMoto’s been relentless with its 450cc twin motor, and this may be one of the most anticipated releases yet. 

The bike is slated for production in the first quarter of 2024, as reported by Cycle World, while ADV Pulse reported that the bike will be set for a global launch in the first quarter of 2024. Either way, both sources say that the U.S. debut of the 450MT is still to be determined. 

It will be launched in China first, and then the rest of the world will follow soon after. With the alleged production schedule already out there, and with expectations set for a global launch early next year, it might as well be anyone’s guess where the adventure-tourer will first land outside of its home country. 

Leaked CFMoto 450 MT Photos

It is unclear when CFMoto will launch the bike and what market will receive the 450MT first. Your guess is as good as ours at this point, but glossing over some of the brand’s records in recent years, the 450SS/SR was first launched in Turkey, the 450NK was first launched in the Philippines, and bigger bikes like the 800NK was first launched in France among a number of new models with regard to their first global appearances. 

With a U.S. launch still to be determined and with the first country outside of China to receive the model still unannounced, one thing is for certain, we’re excited to see this model come out in 2024 whether in the middle of the quarter in February or towards the end in March. 

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