Electric motorcycles are gradually becoming more and more powerful. It all started out with small commuters designed to tackle the urban jungle. However, if EICMA 2023 was anything to go by, it’s obvious that electric motorcycle manufacturers are eyeing more performance in the future. From electric dirtbikes to electric sportbikes, and even electric naked bikes, EICMA 2023 had it all.

One that stood out in particular was the Kemper, the most high-performance model in Chinese brand Yadea’s arsenal. Yadea is a brand we’ve talked about in great detail multiple times in the past, and has established a name for itself thanks to its high-tech electric scooters and commuters. However, recent times have shown the brand’s interest in more performance-oriented offerings. In EICMA 2022, the brand showcased the Keeness, a sporty electric naked bike. This year, Yadea outdid itself with the introduction of the Kemper.

Yadea Kemper Unveiled As Electric Naked Bike With Insane Amounts Of Torque

Like the Keeness, the Kemper also takes on the form of a naked streetfighter, however, it’s clear that it’s a much more performance-focused machine – both in terms of battery technology and motor power. For starters, Yadea puts forth figures that are, quite frankly, hard to believe. For example, it states that the Kemper boasts rapid charging, capable of juicing up the battery to 80 percent in just 10 minutes. Furthermore, it claims a full recharge time of just 18 minutes. Surely, you’ll need some specialized charging tech to achieve that, and plugging the bike to a household outlet will surely result in much slower charging times.

More specifically, the battery is a 320-volt, 20-ampere-hour lithium-iron-phosphate battery. Yadea says that it’s able to charge up very quickly through DC fast charging.

Now, if the battery is eyebrow-raisingly impressive, the motor is even more so. Now, the 40-kilowatt peak (about 54 horsepower) is rather commonplace in the ICE world, but the 570-Newton-meter (420 pound-feet) torque figure certainly isn’t. Now, we’ve seen other electric vehicle manufacturers claim staggering torque figures, but translate to rather lackluster real-world performance, so whether or not the Yadea Kemper is one of these remains to be seen. Regardless, the bike boasts a claimed zero to 62 mile-per-hour sprint in just 4.9 seconds, and a top speed of around 100 miles an hour.

Yadea Kemper Unveiled As Electric Naked Bike With Insane Amounts Of Torque

To complement the bike’s impressive on-paper performance is a set of KYB suspension hardware, as well as front and rear disc brakes backed by Bosch’s trusty ABS technology. There’s also a traction control system – a vital element to manage the bike’s ungodly levels of claimed torque – as well as a full color, seven-inch, TFT dashboard with smartphone integration. Interestingly, Yadea has also thrown in a 1080p dashcam.

As of this writing, Yadea has yet to make any announcements regarding the bike’s pricing or availability. Like most of its offerings, however, we can expect this electric motorcycle to roll out in the Chinese market first, as well as other neighboring Asian markets.

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