A lot of the new up and coming innovations in the world of electric mobility are coming to us from China. Like it or not, companies from the country are taking huge strides when it comes to electric powertrains and battery technology, and a lot of them are making their presence felt on the global stage, particularly in Europe.

With EICMA just around the corner, we’re expected to see a lot of new EV specialists from China making the trip to Italy to showcase their latest tech to a bustling e-mobility industry. For example, Yadea, one of the already established Chinese electric mobility specialists, has announced its presence at EICMA 2023, and is eager to showcase what it has to offer for the upcoming model year.

Yadea CES 2023

Yadea is considered one of the pioneers in the lightweight e-mobility segment. The company first participated in EICMA back in 2015, in a time when acceptance and recognition for electric motorcycles wasn’t as widespread as it is today. Since then, the company has managed to deliver impressive performance in the markets it operates. In 2022, the company managed to sell an impressive 14.01 million units. In the same year, Yadea also increased R&D expenses by 31.1 percent, with six technology centers, a national industrial design center, and two CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) laboratories.

For EICMA 2023, Yadea has teased a new product that will be unveiled on November 7, 2023. The company gives very little info other than that it will feature a “high-performance” motor, as well as come with “intelligent” technology. With the rapid integration of intelligent AI-powered systems in electric vehicles, chances are Yadea has something of this nature up its sleeve. On top of the new model, the Keeness will also be displayed, as well as a wide selection of other products, through the brand’s wide 800-square-meter space.

Yadea's VF F200 Electric Scooter Is A Sleek Commuter Co-Designed By Porsche

Yadea has previously launched some impressive models, at least on paper, and has worked with some of the industry’s biggest names, as well. For example, back in May, 2023, it launched the VF F200 electric scooter in partnership with Porsche. The company also has a selection of electric scooters, the Keeness VFD electric motorcycle, and an e-bike in its lineup, models that were previously showcased in CES 2023.

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