Chinese electric two-wheeler specialist Yadea has some really big plans for the global market in 2023. It plans to launch its first naked sportbike model, the Keeness, in Asia and Europe before the year comes to a close. That said, before we dive into the details of the Keeness, let’s first take a look at Yadea as a company.

It may come as a surprise to you that Yadea is indeed quite a large company. With a claimed 60 million customers in all parts of the world, Yadea has been in the electric two-wheeler business for more than 20 years, developing bikes primarily for urban commuting use. In 2022 alone, the business sold a total of 14.01 million two-wheelers, and has been the leading manufacturer of electric two-wheelers in terms of volume for six years now.

Yadea Introduces The Keeness VFD, Its First Electric Naked Bike

As for the Keeness, it takes the form of a sporty naked bike with an emphasis on performance and accessibility. According to Yadea, the Keeness was designed to give enthusiasts a sporty riding experience in a zero-emissions vehicle. Indeed, on paper, it looks like this bike is more than cut out for the job. In terms of performance, it’s similar to that of a 150cc gasoline-powered motorcycle. Its mid-mounted electric motor sends power to the rear wheel via a chain drive. It’s rated for 5.5 kilowatts of nominal output, and tops out at 10 kilowatts, translating to about 13 horsepower. Top speed is rated at 62 miles an hour.

While the bike’s power figures may seem lackluster, it’s important to note that electric motors produce peak power all the time, across the entire rev range. As such, when it comes to real-world performance, expect the Yadea Keeness to feel much quicker than a standard 150cc motorbike. As for the battery, the Keeness is packing a pair of 72-volt, 32-ampere-hour lithium batteries with a total capacity of 4,608 watt-hours. Said batteries are supposedly capable of providing up to 140 kilometers (88 miles) on a single charge.

As for the bike’s underpinnings, the Keeness rolls on 17-inch front and rear wheels, with rather skinny tires measuring 100/80 up front and 130/70 at the rear. The bike is suspended by an inverted front fork and a preload-adjustable monoshock at the back, while braking duties are handled by a pair of disc brakes front and rear.

Yadea hopes to make the Keeness available in the market in the second half of 2023, with an Asian launch targeted for July, 2023. Meanwhile, the bike is anticipated to hit European roads – Spain, in particular – before the end of the year. Yadea expects to sell the bike for 7,000 Euros, or about $7,581 USD.

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