You may have never heard of Métisse Motorcycles before, and quite frankly, neither have I until doing quite a bit of research for this piece. The British brand is a specialist when it comes to frames, and is best known for producing frame kits for British bike engines. It has established itself as quite a boutique name, catering to die-hard enthusiasts of classic two-wheelers.

With that being said, Métisse Motorcycles has unveiled quite an interesting bit of kit: the McQueen Desert Racer. As the name suggests, this bike is no ordinary machine, but rather, one that’s been inspired by the legendary Steve McQueen. It’s designed to be an exact replica of McQueen’s Metisse MK3, a bike that was personally modified by Steve McQueen himself. Métisse Motorcycles says that it’ll be making only 300 copies of this bike, each of which will come with an exclusive “Collection Certificate.” In said certificate, the owner will find the bike’s registration number, as well as an endorsement by the McQueen estate, verifying its authenticity.

Métisse McQueen Desert Racer

Back in 1966, Steve McQueen praised the Métisse Motorcycles MK3 as “the best handling bike I’ve ever owned,” as quoted by a press statement by the company. The would-be owners of the 300 replica bikes will have options when it comes to configuring their machines. Although a race replica, it can be road registered, and fitted with a pillion seat, encouraging its owners to ride it and not just put it on display in their collection.

Underneath its timeless exterior, the Métisse Motorcycles McQueen Desert Racer stays true to its original form, powered by a reconditioned original 650cc T6 Triumph engine. Power is sent to the rear wheel via a four-speed transmission, also a reconditioned Triumph unit. The engine makes use of an Amal single carburetor, and is housed within a brazed 4130 chromoly frame that’s been nickel plated.

Moving on to the suspension, the bike is fitted with 35-millimeter Ceriani forks and BSA yokes, while the rear suspension setup is a twin Girling reproduction down to the dampers and springs. The bike comes to a stop with seven-inch Triumph drum brakes up front. Overall, the bike tips the scales at 135 kilograms dry.

As mentioned earlier, the bike can be fitted with accessories that make it road-legal. For starters, a dual-saddle option can be fitted complete with pillion footpegs. The Road Pack also includes a headlight, horn, indicators, taillight, and brake light. Should you be interested in acquiring this fine replica, feel free to get in touch with Métisse Motorcycles through their official website linked below.

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