GasGas is back at it again for the 2024 model-year. Apart from the launch of its potent enduro, motocross, and trials lineup, the Spanish brand is also catering to young riders looking to develop their skills and build their careers in the world of off-road riding. Like its sister companies KTM and Husqvarna, GasGas too is now launching not one, but two kid-focused off-road bikes in the form of the MC 50 and MC 65.

2024 GasGas MC 50 And MC 65

GasGas understands that kids can grow pretty fast, and so they’ve made sure that the MC 50 and MC 65 feature a wide range of adjustability, ensuring that kids have machines they can grow into and enjoy for a prolonged period of time. For the 2024 model-year, the GasGas MC 50 and MC 65 boast refreshed bodywork and colorways that tie them in much more closely to their full-size siblings. At the same time, they also get revised engines for more reliable performance, and upgraded frames for better handling. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

To start with, the MC 50 receives a new two-stroke motor for improved power and performance. It also features kid-friendly ergonomics ensuring that youngsters have optimum leverage over the bars to control the bike in technical terrain. It offers two different seat heights, adjustable as your child grows. On top of that, the revised frame design focuses on rigidity and durability, as well as lightness, ensuring optimum handling and stability.

Up next, the MC 65 is a slightly bigger machine intended for kids looking to level up their skills. Intended as a bridge between the MC 50 and GasGas’ full-size range of enduros, the MC 65 receives a clutch and transmission, allowing kids to experience the excitement of kicking through gears and powering out of corners. Like the MC 50, the MC 65 gets two seat heights, and kid-focused ergonomics for improved handling. On the performance front, GasGas’ new two-stroke motor in the MC 65 is said to deliver more power than the previous iteration.

2024 GasGas MC 50 And MC 65

Across the board, the new GasGas mini-bikes are fitted with refinements such as a new radiator for more reliable and long-lasting performance, a new exhaust, as well as fine-tuned suspension for better handling. The new bikes are expected to be made available across GasGas dealerships worldwide, with the MC 65 reportedly available by October, 2023, and the smaller MC 50 ready for purchase by November, 2023. Of course, it’s always a good idea to get in touch with your nearest GasGas dealer for the most accurate pricing and availability information.

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