Remember Lavi and Ollie? For those unfamiliar, they’re a pair of riders who have been circumnavigating the globe on a Suzuki V-Strom 1050XT for a little over a year as of October 2023. They’re also a couple, which is handy because they’re currently attempting to set a new Guinness World Record as the youngest duo to ride around the world two-up on a motorcycle. 

Although you don’t have to be a couple to ride long distances two-up, you’d better at least get along pretty well. As it turns out, the two get along so well that they decided to get married on the journey.

Very specifically, they waited until they got to Las Vegas to do the deed, with a total of 28,893 miles run so far on their RTW odometer. Ollie’s family came along, and the small gathering assembled at the Little Vegas Chapel so the pair could officially be married by an Elvis impersonator. 

After the ceremony and photo-taking, the newlyweds and Ollie’s family were off to go camping and hopefully have a nice, celebratory cookout together. Before leaving Nevada, they rode over to the Hoover Dam to check it out. (It’s definitely a must if you’re nearby, and I hope the elevator is working when you visit, unlike it was for me.)

Unfortunately, by the time they pulled into their chosen camping area for the evening, it was a bit too late to get a proper cookout going, so they decided to delay it until the next day. Still, being surrounded by close family on such a big occasion seems like a pretty perfect way to celebrate, regardless.

One of the things that’s so appealing about Lavi and Ollie’s journey is how joyful and genuine they seem about their experiences. They’re having a great time, whether it’s downing some drinkable yogurt from the cold case in a tiny convenience store, or planning the rare treat of having a cookout with family (and eating hot food).  

Most of all, they’re enjoying the places they’re visiting, the people they’re meeting, and each other’s company. It’s a rough world, but they’re still finding beauty and joy and sharing it with a whole lot of people on the Internet. Congratulations to the happy couple, and may you have many more brilliant miles with the V-Strom. 

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