If you have the opportunity to do it, travel can be amazing. Most of us know this, although of course life gets in the way for many of us. Assuming you’re able to do it, though, there’s something extra special about being able to travel with someone else.

There are caveats here, of course. The most important thing if you’re traveling in a pair is that you both have to have similar travel styles. If one person just wants to get between points A and B as fast as possible, and the other wants the chance to stop and see cool stuff that pops up along the way, then things aren’t going to end well. 

However, if you overcome that hurdle, and you’re able to enjoy spending nearly every moment of every day together, then you might just be Lavi and Ollie. This couple have been circumnavigating the globe for the past 387 days as of this video on a Suzuki V-Strom 1050XT. Together, they’re aiming to set a Guinness World Record as the youngest pair to circumnavigate the globe by motorcycle riding two-up.  


They’re currently 31 and 34 years old, and it’s a record that doesn’t exist yet—so they’ll be the first ones setting it. When they first set out to complete their mission, they gave themselves two years to complete it. Both the global pandemic situation at the beginning—as well as evolving geopolitical complications—made their planning much trickier. Still, they spent the first three months in Europe and Northern Africa before heading to the southern tip of South America.  

Since then, they’ve ridden through South America, Central America, and have just recently made it into North America. In this video, they’re riding from the south to the north of the Baja California peninsula in Mexico, and as usual, they're having a lovely time. Camping is good, tacos are good, camp coffee is good, and the weather is mostly quite agreeable (with the exception of some serious wind toward the end of the day).  

The views are stunning, and at their stop in Bahía Concepción, they're even able to see dolphins! When they stop to camp for the night near an abandoned house that’s popular with the overlanding community, they’re surrounded by some impressively tall cacti.  

If you’re looking for a reminder that beauty is all around us if we can only ride out to see it, then you probably want to check out Lavi and Ollie’s adventures.

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