[UPDATE June 16, 2023: On June 14, 2023, Acerbis Motorsport officially accomplished its Guinness World Record-breaking goal when it reached the northernmost point in Europe on its specially prepared Honda Monkey. The team traveled 4,183 kilometers (about 2,599.196 miles) along a predetermined route from Albino, Italy to Nordkapp, Norway with its three-rider team trading pilot duties along the way.

Since there was more fuel in the bike when they officially surpassed their goal, the team decided to keep going and see how far it could get. Hopefully, they'll update us with that information once it's available.

For the time being, the official Guinness World Records certificate text reads, "Guinness World Records Certificate: The greatest distance driven on a single tank of fuel by a motorcycle (prototype) was achieved by Acerbis Italia Spa (Italy), at Nordkapp, Norway, on the 14 June 2023. Officially Amazing."


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Original piece follows.

On June 10, 2023, aftermarket parts specialist Acerbis set off on an incredibly ambitious project that’s been two years in the making. Several departments within the company worked together to create a specially crafted oversized fuel tank, designed to fit a Honda Monkey perfectly. Courtesy of this tank, Acerbis believes it can set a new Guinness World Record for the Greatest Distance Drive on a Single Tank of Fuel by a Motorcycle (Prototype).

The fuel tank is a massive thing, and it holds a full 108 liters (or about 28.53 gallons) of fuel. The project, called AC50, was designed to kick off in 2023 because it’s also Acerbis’ 50th anniversary. What better way can you think of to celebrate than to do something extremely public, that pulls together all the skills and planning that your company is capable of?  

The tanks, Acerbis says, are the same safety parts by which the company has made its name in the aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories game. The journey started in Albino, Italy, and is following a carefully planned route all the way to Nordkapp, Norway. The distance of the route is 4,358 kilometers (or about 2707.94 mi), and the team plans to complete the full distance on one tank in order to achieve its desired Guinness World Record. 


However, even though they’ve done plenty of calculations to ensure that they have enough fuel to go the distance, it’s also possible that they’ll have more fuel than they need. In fact, the Acerbis folks are counting on it. That’s why they say that instead of stopping once they hit their goal in Norway, they intend to keep riding that bike down to the very last drop of fuel, just to see how far they can get—and then report their findings, of course. 

Such a long journey would be dangerous to complete with just one rider—and that’s not a necessary requirement for this record, anyway. As a result, Acerbis has assembled a team of three riders who will trade off on pilot duty along the way. The team is comprised of enduro rider Andrea Rastrelli, journalist Alicia Sornosa, and journalist Maurizio Vettor.

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While the Monkey is far from being the most powerful bike in the world, it’s incredibly fuel-efficient, and it can certainly get you where you’re going, if you don’t have to get there in record time. Those characteristics make it perfect for this world record attempt—and the perfect choice to wear this specially-made Acerbis oversized fuel tank for the job.

Will the team succeed in its efforts? Stay tuned to see how they do.

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