Earlier this week we wrote an article about an Elvis-owned Harley that was going to auction. Apparently, you guys love Elvis bikes because that story was consistently our number one most popular story since we published it. So, since you can't get enough of Elvis and motorcycles, I decided to give you what you want.

Along with being the King of Rock and Roll, the world's most recognizable entertainer, a movie star, and the man who put peanut butter and banana sandwiches on the map, Elvis was a huge gearhead. He loved cars and motorcycles, especially motorcycles, and had a pretty massive personal collection. His preference was big-bore Harley FLH touring bikes, but over the years he dabbled in Triumphs, Hondas, and even weirdo 70s-era VW-powered trikes. The man had taste, I'll give him that.

He wasn't selfish with his bikes, either. He bought a truckload of Triumphs one time so he and all his friends could ride together, and he always had spare bikes and trikes on hand for his friends, girlfriends, and assorted hangers on to borrow.

These days, most of Elvis' surviving bikes are on display at the Elvis museum across the street from Graceland. The museum itself is intolerably tacky and gross (the house is super nice, though. Do yourself a favor and take the audio tour.), but it's worth it to see The King's bikes and cars (and private planes!) and get a feel for what he liked in a machine. For those of you who can't take a day trip down to Graceland, here are a few of the King's bikes for your enjoyment.

Photos courtesy of scottymoore.com and the various archives contained therein.

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