Classic Legends may be familiar to you as a subsidiary of Indian automotive giant Mahindra and Mahindra. The company handles Jawa Motorcycles in the Indian market, a brand best known for its retro-inspired cruisers such as the Jawa 42, Perak, and Bobber. Like most big motorcycle manufacturers, Classic Legends has already expressed interest in launching an electric motorcycle.

Interestingly, Classic Legends has teamed up with the University of Warwick in England to develop the brand’s first electric motorcycle. The electric motorcycle is hoped to make it into production in time for a 2024 launch in the global market. Classic Legends states that its electric motorcycle project is intended for the UK and other European markets, although it’s still uncertain what branding the model will take. That being said, it’s highly speculated that the electric motorcycle will be marketed under BSA branding.

In case you missed it, Classic Legends was responsible for bringing the BSA Gold Star name back to life, debuting the motorcycle back in December 2021 in time for the 2022 model-year. As such, it won’t really come as a big surprise if Classic Legends makes use of the BSA brand’s global acclaim when time comes to launch its electric motorcycle. As such, we can most likely expect that the model will feature retro-inspired styling, as well as a performance package that’s tuned towards a more laid-back riding experience.

On a similar note, Classic Legends’ biggest rival in India, Royal Enfield, has also announced that development of its first electric motorcycle is underway, with a target launch of 2025. At present, little is known about Enfield’s electric model, other than that the brand has no intentions of deprioritizing its internal combustion models in the near future. Nevertheless, Royal Enfield’s electric motorcycle platform looks like it’s being developed for the Indian market first, whereas the one from Classic Legends is likely to be launched in the European market.

Interestingly, despite enjoying the bulk of its Jawa and Yezdi sales in India, Classic Legends doesn’t appear to be developing an electric motorcycle platform based on these models for the Indian market just yet.

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