Helmet manufacturer Scorpion has been steadily growing its selection of products to cater to all disciplines of motorcycling. Needless to say, the brand got a huge boost when Fabio Quartararo took the win donning a Scorpion Helmet back in 2021. Despite having since moved on to HJC, there’s no denying the positive effect success in racing can have on the brand as a whole.

That being said, Scorpion has shifted its attention to practical riders with its news product, the Exo Tech modular helmet. This lid is now available in three versions: polycarbonate, the top-tier carbon version, and now, a middle-of-the-road offering called the Exo Tech Evo Pro. This modular helmet features a shell constructed out of lightweight TCT fibers, and isn’t as lightweight as the carbon model, but is certainly lighter than the standard polycarbonate version.

The use of TCT fibers in the Exo Tech Evo Pro helmet enhances its ability to effectively absorb and disperse impacts, surpassing the performance of a typical polycarbonate shell. This same advanced material is featured in some of Scorpion's top-tier race helmets, such as the Exo R1 Air Evo.

New Scorpion Exo Tech Evo Pro Modular Helmet Is Ready To Hit The Road

Additionally, the Exo Tech Evo Pro adheres to the stringent ECE 22.06 standards, ensuring it meets the highest safety requirements. One of its defining features is the 180-degree flip-up chinbar, which boasts P/J homologation. This attribute makes the helmet exceptionally convenient for both touring and commuting purposes, as the chinbar's design allows it to stay unobtrusive when flipped open, offering riders an effortless transition between open-face and full-face riding configurations.

The Exo Tech Evo Pro also includes several other noteworthy features. For instance, it comes equipped with a Maxvision pinlock lens, which enhances visibility by preventing fogging, ensuring a clear view of the road ahead. The helmet's micrometric quick-release buckle offers convenient and secure fastening, making it a breeze to put on and take off. Moreover, it's intercom-ready, compatible with a wide array of popular communication systems available in the market. This feature allows riders to stay connected on their journeys, promoting safety and convenience.

To cater to a broad spectrum of riders, Scorpion has thoughtfully provided the Exo Tech Evo Pro in seven diverse sizes, accommodating everyone from XS to XXL. This thoughtful approach to sizing extends further with the use of two shell sizes. XS to L helmets share one shell size, while XL to XXL helmets share another, ensuring a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing fit while maintaining safety standards.

As for the pricing, the Exo Tech Evo Pro offers excellent value. The solid color options are priced at 399.90 Euros, which is approximately $426 USD, making it an attractive choice for riders seeking quality without breaking the bank. For those looking to add a touch of style, the graphic versions come in at 439.90 Euros, roughly equivalent to $468 USD, offering a range of visual options to suit individual tastes.

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