Italian helmet manufacturer Caberg has a wide selection of helmets that cover all the bases when it comes to motorcycling. From sporty carbon-fiber-shelled helmets to off-road focused lids, the brand has an impressive array of products which continues to grow. The newest model from Caberg caters to urban riders looking for a comfy lid to wear on a daily basis, and it's called the Flyon II jet helmet. 

Italian Helmet Label Caberg Introduces Flyon II Jet Helmet

The new Flyon II is a three-quarters helmet that 's best suited for city riding. While we would normally recommend wearing a full-face helmet when riding at higher speeds, three-quarter lids are a compromise a lot of riders are willing to make in order to have a more versatile and comfortable experience. Nevertheless, helmet brands are continuously advancing their technology, making all of their helmets safer than ever. As such, the new Caberg Flyon II now also conforms to the latest ECE R22.06 safety standard. 

For starters, the Flyon II is equipped with a fiberglass shell offered in two sizes spread across XS to XL helmet sizes. The styling is contoured, featuring sporty, aerodynamic lines that do a good job of integrating a comprehensive ventilation system. This consists of a wide front opening paired with dual heat extractors at the back. The Flyon II also gets a dual-visor system – a clear external visor and a drop-down sun visor for sunny days. 

Italian Helmet Label Caberg Introduces Flyon II Jet Helmet

Moving on to the inside of the helmet, we find new EPS liner designed to better absorb shocks and impacts. The inner liner is also completely removable and washable, ensuring added longevity. On top of that, Caberg has integrated cutouts into the EPS liner, making it easier for those who wear glasses to seamlessly use the helmet. Like most touring and commuting helmets, Caberg's Flyon II is secured via a micrometric quick-release clasp. 

For added convenience, Caberg has integrated speaker cutouts into the Flyon II's EPS liner. It's compatible with multiple comms systems, but designed to accommodate the Caberg Pro Speak Evo system. The new Flyon II is offered in a wide selection of colorways, and in sizes ranging from XS to XL. The fiberglass option starts at 259.99 Euros ($282 USD), while the more premium carbon-fiber shell version carries a higher price tag of 369.99 Euros ($402 USD). For more detailed information on pricing and availability, please visit Caberg's official website in the source links below. 

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