German gear ad equipment brand Held has a wide selection of products for all sorts of riding. Best known for its clean and subtle styling, Held's products are ideal for those who want to maintain a sense of minimalism with their gear and bikes. One of the brand's latest offerings comes in the form of a versatile saddlebag called the Tour-Pack Allround.

As its name suggests, the Tour-Pack Allround is the ideal do-it-all saddlebag for riders of all sorts of bikes. Be it for city or touring use, on an adventure bike or even a naked sportbike, the Held Tour-Pack Allround is easy to mix and match. It's made out of a robust polyester canvas that's been given a water-repellent coating, ensuring your valuables stay dry in the event of rain showers. The bag's construction is very simple, with a large main compartment with a roll closure, and two pockets on the front and back for storing your quick-access essentials. 

Pack Up For Everyday Adventures With Held's Tour-Pack Allround Saddlebags

The bag can be affixed to the tail of any motorcycle with Held's nylon-strap fastening system. This makes it easy to mount and unmount the bags from the back of the bike, while also making it possible to attach multiple Tour-Packs to one another for a thoroughly versatile luggage solution. Meanwhile, off the bike, a carrying handle and additonal strap make it easy to carry the bag on your shoulder. 

Held offers the Tour-Pack Allround in two sizes – six to 15 liters and 12 to 21 liters. Both versions are equipped with Molle hooks on the front and sides, making it possible to attach all sorts of compatible accessories. This makes the Held Tour-Pack Allround ideal for those looking for a versatile luggage options, but don't fancy installing a bulky top case or a set of panniers on their bike.

As for pricing and availability, Held offers the Tour-Pack Allround in just one black colorway. The Medium saddlebag is priced at 119.95 Euros, or about $131 USD, while the Large bag retails for 139.95 Euros, or about $152 USD. Pricing and availability varies per region, so it's always a good idea to get in touch with your local gear retailer, or drop by Held's official website linked below. 

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