New colors for the X-ADV 750 are incoming! There are four new color schemes coming to keep things fresh for Big Red’s big adventure scoot. 

Coming in with 745ccs of displacement, the Honda X-ADV 750 is the biggest scooter that you can currently get from the Japanese marque manufacturer, and it set the design tone for other successful ADV scoots from Honda, not to mention the ADV 160

While the model got an update in 2021 and 2022 with new colors, the 2024 year model for the X-ADV will continue to keep things fresh and interesting, with new hues to be made available sometime soon. The X-ADV will come with two “special editions” according to sources. The specials will come in gray and red, with extra decals to up the ante in terms of styling for the large adventure scoot. Apart from the two specials, the color lineup will have Matte Ballistic Black Metallic and Paco Blue. 

So that’s red, black, gray, and blue. Four colors, similar to the treatment on the Forza 750, will come sometime in the near future, but that’s really it for the 2024 year model. 

Gallery: 2024 Honda X-ADV 750 New Colors

No other changes will be made to the frame, the engine, the chassis, or the features. The X-ADV may come with some tweaks, but most of the stuff on the scooter will remain familiar. We’ll still see the same 745cc parallel-twin engine that makes 58.6 horsepower and about 50 foot-pounds of torque (69 Newton meters). Throttle-by-wire will still be on board and accompanying the electronic throttle will be up to five riding models: Standard, Rain, Gravel, and Sport, each specifically tuned to match the ride. There will also be a user-customizable mode which will allow the driver to change the settings to fit his or her preferences. 

Apart from that, up to three levels of Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC, a.k.a. Traction Control) will be available on the X-ADV—still. A dual-clutch transmission (DCT) will still be present, and its behavior can also be influenced by the riding mode selected. 

The 2024 model year of the Honda X-ADV will go on sale—wait for it—in 2024. Shocker, I know. Honda’s Big Scoot is slated for launch in the third quarter of next year alongside its less-adventurous brother, the Forza 750. As for its price, the final retail price of the model has not yet been released at the time of writing, so stay tuned. Chances are, a price increase may occur, but until official sales channels send out an official word, stay tuned. 

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