Outside the North American market, there are tons of motorcycle manufacturers a lot of us have probably never heard of. Unsurprisingly, the needs and preferences of motorcyclists from different corners of the globe varies quite a bit. In the US, big bikes with lots of power and torque are the best when it comes to covering great distances on the freeways. 

In other, more congested regions, small-displacement bikes are the key. Regions like Europe, Asia, and South America rely on small-displacement bikes for the mobility of their citizens, as such, taking a look at the bikes and manufacturers in those regions is like having a glimpse at a whole new world – at least, when it comes to motorcycles. 

Meet AKT Motos, A Columbian Moto Brand You've Probably Never Heard Of

For example, AKT Motos, a brand a lot of us – myself included – haven't really heard of until now, is one of the biggest names in the motorcycle industry in Colombia. Founded in 2004, AKT Motos had one simple goal: to produce affordable motorbikes for Colombian residents. Over the course of a 19-year period, AKT Motos managed to grow a lot, and has managed to capture 15 percent of the Colombian motorcycle market. Moreover, the company exports its bikes to neighboring markets, and is continuing its expansion throughout South America, recently setting up shop in Bolivia and Aruba. 

At present, AKT Motos has a total of 5,000 spare parts distributors and 427 service centers in Colombia alone. The way AKT Motos has been able to grow so rapidly while gaining widespread appeal in Colombia all boils down to accessibility. The brand sources its products from Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers, and subsequently remodels, reassembles, or simply rebadges them for the Colombian market. This enables them to keep prices well within the budgets of most Colombian residents. 

Meet AKT Motos, A Columbian Moto Brand You've Probably Never Heard Of
Meet AKT Motos, A Columbian Moto Brand You've Probably Never Heard Of

Adding to that accessibility is the brand's unique digital approach. An article by Finance Colombia explains that AKT Motos connects with customers through a variety of online and social media touch points, including WhatsApp. Furthermore, the brand has been a major player in the effort to promote safe, defensive driving. It holds rider training workshopes and a road safety campaign called Mi Familia Me Espera, or My Family Awaits Me, highlighting the importance of riding safely in order to make it back home to your family.

As for its product offerings, a trip to AKT Motos' official website will show you a dizzying array of bikes to choose from. From workhorse machines like the NKD 125 series, to sporty naked bikes in the form of the CR4 125, the brand caters to riders of all backgrounds. It even has scooter models like the Dynamic, as well as a sporty supermoto called the TTR 125. With such a wide model selection, and such attractive pricing, it's not surprising that AKT Motos has been able to gain such prominence in Colombia. 

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