Indian Motorcycles has one of the most prestigious model lineups in the history of motorcycles. Back then and even today, the American brand produces some of the most instantly recognizable motorcycles on the road. Apart from their unique charm and standout performance, Indan's bikes also make for great platforms for one-off custom builds. Case in point: this custom Indian Sport Chief called "Rage."

Built in collaboration with the talented craftspeople from the U.K.-based custom workshop Krazy Horse, this one-off build was created for Richard Jones, bassist, keyboardist, and vocalist for British rock band Stereophonics. Krazy Horse has a lineup of custom builds focusing on Indian's cruiser range, and the Rage is the newest addition to the growing collection. Krazy Horse's builds are usually a blend of form and function, and the Rage is no different. Accoridng to the builders, the bike was crafted with the U.K's road conditions in mind, with a more "British look and feel" as a styling directive.

This Custom Indian Sport Chief By Krazy Horse Is All The Rage

Indeed, British and American culture have their differences – custom choppers are usually decked out in chrome accents and are all about the bling, while British bobbers – like the Triumph Bonneville Bobber – tend to be more understated and elegant. The final product between Indian Motorcycles and Krazy Horse is indeed a looker, but one that focuses on the finer details. As they say, the devil is in the details, and you could quite literally spend hours admiring every single detail that's gone into this build. 

To start with, the cockpit was adorned with a selection of tasteful parts from custom bike parts manufacturer Wunderkind. These include new grips, clutch and brake levers, clutch and brake master cylinder covers, as well as foot pegs and a gear shifter. These all work together to give the bike a bespoke, albeit factory-fresh look. Meanwhile, the bike also features a myriad of custom, one-off parts for starters, Richard Jones himself helped design the sand-cast aluminum derby cover. There's also a custom belly pan from Buckland Automotive Engineering with integrated cooling fins to help keep the massive 1,890cc engine's temps at bay. 

This Custom Indian Sport Chief By Krazy Horse Is All The Rage

As for the aesthetic elements of the build, Krazy Horse designed custom sand-cast aluminum side covers to give the bike a unique look, while the turn signals were relocated into the front cowl and rear fender for a more streamlined aesthetic. Rounding up the build is a beautiful custom paint job from Pageant Paintwork featuring a black and blue design with silver pin striping. The saddle, meanwhile, was hand-painted with a Rich Jones custom tattoo design. 

Of course, to give the bike some extra road presence, the builders at Krazy Horse fitted it with a custom two-into-one performance exhaust system from OJZ Engineering, as well as a Billet Performance air filter.

Gallery: This Custom Indian Sport Chief By Krazy Horse Is All The Rage

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