Therapeutic, that’s what restoration videos are to me at the very least. Seeing something come together can nurture the spirit and be relaxing on a weekday or weekend. So let the soothing sounds of the narrator’s voice, and the rumble of a vintage V-twin take you away into a land that makes you want to rip on the dirt after a good old-fashioned rebuild. 

Check out this video from ARiemann1 on YouTube—a complete restoration of a 1992 Honda Africa Twin from frame to fairings. We don’t get a teardown, sadly, it’s all straight to the build process. 

No introductions are needed for this nameplate, but perhaps a few specs won’t hurt. The 1992 edition of the Africa Twin, otherwise known as the XRV 750 Africa Twin is an adventure-class motorcycle that utilized a V-twin engine. Veteran riders will know that the new model only mimics the feel of a V-shaped engine, but with the tight package that parallel offers. The authenticity of this engine is what helped the Africa Twin stay a cult classic through the years, and in 1992, the motor was capable of up to 62 horses and 46.2 pound-feet of torque. It featured a five-speed manual transmission and it weighed about 435 pounds wet. 

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The “Warhorse” as ARiemann1 calls it, this bike had a not-so-easy life that was filled with many hardships along the way. It’s a good thing it was a Honda, and it could take everything that was thrown at it and more. The process was long and hard to get it back into shape. 

Following the restoration, and also a few inspiring voiceovers later, the final piece of the puzzle wasn’t a brand new one, in fact, it’s a stitched-together windscreen that made this Africa Twin unique, and it served as a call back to its original form. 

Now with everything all shiny and new, we can expect more adventures from the Warhorse and ARiemann1 in the future. No garage sitting, guaranteed. 

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