Beta is a very popular name in the off-road space, and is the go-to enduro brand for a lot of riders. The Italian company produces some of the most performance-oriented and technologically advanced enduro and motocross bikes in the market today. That said, it's growing its presence in the U.S. market, and has hopes of moving into a new headquarters located in Paso Robles, California. 

According to a KSBY News report, plans are underway to construct a fresh headquarters structure for Beta Motorcycles in Paso Robles. If given the green light, the proposed building will be situated at the Golden Hill Business Park. Beta Motorcycles has been involved in distributing motorcycles in the U.S. since 2007, and their current office is also based in Paso Robles. As the company has been steadily growing and expanding in recent years, with approximately 200 dealers nationwide, they now require a larger facility to accommodate their needs. The company acquired the property in 2022, specifically in the hopes of using it for expansion.

Beta Gives Its 2024 Enduro Range Minor Tweaks

“We warehouse motorcycles in crates that come from Italy. We have a large warehouse and right now we are renting extra buildings to store all these motorcycles. We want to have them all under one roof,” said Tim Pilg, Beta USA President. 

In addition to its role as a storage and assembly facility for bikes imported from Italy, the upcoming building will have multiple functions to support Beta Motorcycles. Bryan Wunsch, the Marketing Manager of Beta USA, revealed that the headquarters will also function as a training center for the brand's dealer network, providing them with insights into the latest advancements in Beta's products. Furthermore, the expansion of Beta's headquarters in Paso Robles will enable the company to grow its workforce. Currently employing 35 individuals, Beta plans to hire more staff members to accommodate its expanding operations.

The projected cost for the undertaking exceeds $8 million, and Beta Motorcycles has set a goal to finalize all construction and preparations by May 2024. However, the project is presently in the approval phase, as explained in the KSBY News report. City planners are collaborating with the company to address the final particulars before commencing the building process.

In the global stage, Beta recently unveiled its 2024 Enduro Range. Consisting of a wide selection of two and four-stroke models, the 2024 lineup features enhancements such as revised suspension tuning, updates to the electronics, and styling revisions to the bodywork. 

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