For many motorcyclists around the world, Cardo Systems is the comms system of choice. Personally, I've been a long-time Cardo user, and have no plans of changing my comms unit anytime soon. The brand's technology has been proven to work really well for both solo and group riders, and now, it's soon going to offer even more capabilities, as the company has just acquired Riser.

For those of you unaware, Riser is a popular social media and navigation app designed specifically for motorcyclists. The app allows you to find and save your favorite routes, while connecting with other riders. As such, thanks to the acquisition, Cardo's technology will gradually be integrated into Riser's platform. The result? Well, hopefully, a seamless, all-in-one communication system for two-wheel enthusiasts. 

At present, however, expect no changes to Riser's existing platform. Current users will still be able to enjoy all of the application's features, such as tracking rides, sharing photos and videos, updating your profile, and browsing through the newsfeed. As mentioned earlier, the app will gradually be updated to seamlessly integrate all of Cardo's features. 

Following the acquisition of Riser, the company's founder, Dominik Koffu, expressed his excitement towards being a part of the Cardo family. In Cardo's official press release, he explained, "We are thrilled to become part of the Cardo family and combine our strengths to provide riders with a comprehensive set of tools that make their riding experience safer and more enjoyable.”

Meanwhile, Alon Lumbroso, Cardo Systems' CEO, looks forward to enhancing motorcyclists' riding experience through a more connected, all-in-one system.“We are excited to join forces with Riser, which has created an innovative motorcycle app that enhances the riding experience."

Indeed, with Riser now in the fold, Cardo Systems is better equipped to provide its customers with the best experience yet. Up until recently, we've had to rely on third party navigation and social media apps to document our rides. With one of these apps, Riser, now under the Cardo umbrella, we can look forward to a streamlined, user-friendly experience in the near future.

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