Cardo Systems is one of the most popular motorcycle communicator manufacturers in the world. The brand has been making comms systems specific to motorcyclists since 2004. Riders from all over the world make use of this system for all sorts of rides – be it off-road, group rides on the street, or even just listening to tunes and staying connected while out on solo rides. 

Having said that, it isn't uncommon for Cardo to team up with motorcycle manufacturers to release special edition communicators reflecting the branding of the manufacturer. Indeed, we've seen this recently with KTM, and in the past, Cardo Systems has teamed up with Ducati on two occasions. Now, for 2023, Cardo Systems and Ducati have once again teamed up to release their third generation communicator, the Ducati Communication System V3 (DCS3). 

Like previous iterations, the DCS3 is essentially a standard PackTalk unit painted in a special, Ducati-designed motif. In this case, the collaboration makes use of Cardo's mid-range offering, the Packtalk Neo. The Neo, which sits in between the entry-level Slim and the fancy Edge, offers the same features and technology as the Edge, but without the fancy magnetic clip. It's good for a range of about one mile, and can connect up to 15 riders simultaneously, thanks to its Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) technology. 

As mentioned earlier, the DCS3 can also connect to the rider's mobile phone via a mobile app. Through the app, the user can configure audio settings, manage groups, and download software updates. Apart from the DMC feature, the Neo also has a Bluetooth comms mode, making it possible to link up with other non-Cardo communicators. Cardo claims an impressive battery life of 13 hours, with just two hours to fully charge the device. Furthermore, just 20 minutes of charging should return two hours of talk time.  

At present, Ducati has yet to announce pricing for the new DCS3. However, the Packtalk Neo carries a retail price of $350 USD. Given the eye-watering mark-ups we usually find on all things emblazoned with the House of Borgo Panigale's emblem, expect the DCS3 to command quite a premium. In fact, you can head over your nearest Ducati dealer to check it out, as it's available only through Ducati dealers at the moment. 

Cardo Systems And Ducati Join Forces With New DCS3 Communicator
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