Creact is a Taiwanese company whose first product is a 180-degree dashcam called the Vision 180. The product was showcased at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show 2022 (CES 2022), and it also has augmented reality functions for helmets.

Motorcycle riding tech has been getting tremendous updates as of late. From the Cardo Edge’s release to Sena’s Quantum Mesh tech, there is no shortage of cutting-edge attachments that you can stick on the side of your helmet that enhances your riding experience and safety in some regards. As it stands, dedicated dash cameras are still not commonplace among motorcyclists with GoPros, Insta360s, and other action cameras stepping up to the plate to serve that purpose.

Creact Vision 180

Here we have a dedicated dash camera for motorcyclists from Creact, and it also boasts other features such as augmented reality that shares important information to the rider via a low-power LED heads-up display (HUD) that shows speed and navigation information. The device can also access music and phone functions which mitigate the need to look down at your dashboard or your phone.

As for the wide-angle lenses, the Vision 180 ensures that all blind spots are covered at all times, and it shares that information with the rider through the HUD. With a camera at the back, it can also serve as a rear-view mirror which can help with parking or spot a potential rear-ender.

Creact Vision 180

Apart from that, the Vision 180 looks like it requires a phone to connect to in order to access the pertinent phone, navigation, and media information. The company also has an app and it also comes with an additional speaker and microphone system that can allow the user to stream music at the same time.

"Vision 180 is a manifestation of our hard work and dedication towards practicing creative innovation as a company. Riding a motorcycle is dangerous without any distractions, so what we have done is created a piece of effective technology that eliminates unnecessary distraction for riders. Our product is compatible with most helmets already on the market, so it will decrease the barrier of entry for many people. This is an important difference between Vision 180 and other helmet-oriented solutions." said David Liang, President of Creact.

Creact Vision 180

Time will tell whether Creact’s flagship product will break into the mainstream like Cardo or Sena. As it stands, there are a ton of Bluetooth communicators out there that do more than just stream music while you ride, though as a feature-packed product, the Vision 180 could be a good option for commuters who just want an (almost) all-in-one solution that incorporates a camera, a cutting edge HUD, and Bluetooth functionality sans the communicator features.

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