Regardless of how near or far you're riding, it's always best to be decked out in motorcycle-approved apparel. As they say, dress for the slide, and not for the ride. Thankfully, today's selection of gear and equipment specifically caters to the varying needs of the modern motorcyclist. From shirts, to pants, to gloves, and boots, gear makers are making use of fabrics that offer protection while being comfy enough for daily wear. 

Take, for example, these new boots from Italian motorcycle specialist Eleveit. Dubbed the Antibes Air, these canvas boots are designed for the city rider looking to stay cool and comfy on their bike, without sacrificing safety and protection. It's not clear whether these boots were named after the French city of Antibes, but it would appear that they'd be perfectly suited for such an environment – busy roads, generally low speed traffic, and a lot of stopping and going. 

Eleveit Keeps You Cool And Comfy With The New Antibes Air Canvas Sneakers

The Eleveit Antibes Air boots feature high tenacity cotton canvas fabric, providing durability and strength. These boots also include suede inserts, adding a touch of style and sophistication. With a breathable mesh lining, they ensure comfort and proper ventilation for the feet. They're secured via a standard lace-up closure, for an urban-chic look. 

When it comes to safety tech, the Eleveit Antibes Air boots are PPE certified, and equipped with reinforced toe and buttress, providing extra protection and durability in key areas. They also feature malleolus protections, ensuring the safety of the ankles. The boots include rubber selector reinforcement for enhanced durability during gear shifting. Additionally, their non-slip sole is specifically designed to provide optimal traction while walking, further enhancing stability and safety. 

The Eleveit Antibes Air boots are available in a stylish gray color. They come in a wide range of sizes, from 36 to 48, ensuring a comfortable fit for various foot sizes. The price for these boots is €149.90, or approximately $160 USD, offering a reasonable and affordable option for those looking for an everyday pair of riding sneakers.

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