Three friends, three bikes, a 140-kilometer (87-mile) trail, and a 13-minute video with epic background music to boot. Check this video out. Stitched and cut to cover as much of the action as possible, Paulo Latães formed a trio with adventure bikes and one gnarly adventure on the Portugal Trans Euro Trail (TET). 

Latães is on the Husqvarna Norden 901. A gorgeous bike that was just launched earlier last year and found its way into Europe and even across Asia as a posh-er version of the KTM 890 Adventure. More fun with friends, Latães brought along two other buddies for the ride, one with a KTM 890 Adventure—funnily enough, and a Honda Africa Twin. The trio headed for the TET in Portugal, and the video covers an 87-mile section of the Portuguese trial. 

Expect thrills, spills, and chills while watching this video. Things get pretty gnarly and the faster sections of the stretch of dirt offer little to no challenge to the capable heavy and middleweights in the group, however, as the ride presses on, things get rockier and rockier, and the music goes from epic to somber. Some trail sections get so rocky and shattered that liftoff occurs with the front wheel, and not in a good way, but all in a day’s work for an experienced adventurer. 

Once the trails were cleared and much of the rough roads were covered, it was off to a bit of sightseeing off the bike, and a stint of pushing the machines over a sketchy wooden bridge. More trails ensued, more rocks were chucked, and even more dramatic music played. 

The TET is a mapped and constantly updated trail route in Portugal. Check with our sources down below to download it if you plan to take a trip. The last update was made back on March 31, 2023, at the time of this article’s writing. 

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