Idaho-based gear manufacturer Klim has become a mainstay in the ADV scene all across the world. It's known for producing some of the best gear, and continues to innovate with its technology, equipping riders from head to toe with certified and protective gear. In 2021, the brand unveiled the Badlands Pro suit, pushing the boundaries in terms of comfort and safety.

Now, in 2023, the Badlands Pro A3 is even better, as it hopes to provide even more comfort on long adventure rides. According to Klim, the Badlands Pro A3 is proof that completely protective gear can also be comfortable. The way Klim did this was to add a bunch of new features geared towards convenience and practicality. After all, if you're going on an adventure, you're going to want gear that can serve multiple purposes (i.e., storing your belongings, keeping you warm in cool weather, and keeping you cool in warm weather).

Klim Updates The Badlands Pro A3 ADV Suit For Intrepid Adventurers

For starters, the jacket is now equipped with soft leather cuff bindings. For extra ventilation, there are large openings on the wrist, allowing riders to toggle how much air they wish to let in while riding. Furthermore, there are added pockets for you to store your daily essentials, as well as slots for optional chest armor. For an optimized fit, Klim has also added new sizes for taller riders, ensuring the jacket doesn't creep up your waist, should you choose to wear it without the matching pants. 

Speaking of the pants, these have been refined, as well, and now feature new vents on the lower part of the leg. While it may seem nerdy, the pants also get in-pocket organizers, an essential for folks who carry all sorts of gadgets with them on their rides. To facilitate comfort and improve range of motion, the pants have been constructed with lighter fabrics in less injury prone areas, while still utilizing the same abrasion-resistant textile fabric on the drop zones. Like the jacket, sizing has been expanded to accommodate riders of all shapes and sizes. 

In terms of availability, it should be noted that adventurous riders should find it easier to acquire the new Klim Badlands Pro A3 suit, as it's now a standard product in Klim's lineup, as opposed to the limited-production of the previous model. Nevertheless, it'll cost you a pretty penny, with the jacket carrying a price tag of $1,499, and the pants retailing for $969.99. 

Klim Updates The Badlands Pro A3 ADV Suit For Intrepid Adventurers
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