Not too long ago, Hero MotoCorp, a popular Indian motorcycle manufacturer, dropped teasers of the latest update of its dual-sport, the XPulse 200 4V. That being said, Indian manufacturers are known for working fast, and in just a matter of days, the new and improved dual-sport has officially been unveiled in the market. 

In the US and European markets, dual-sports are usually seen as toys – do-it-all machines that are perfect for having a leisure ride on some fire roads and light trails. In Asian countries like India, however, their tall ground clearance and compliant engines make them perfect for ripping through the crowded metropolis, as well as tackling the harsh, pothole-laden roads of the countryside. It's no surprise that the XPulse 200 4V has become quite the popular model since it first debuted in 2020. 

Hero Unleashes The New And Updated XPulse 200 4V Dual-Sport In India

In its 2023 iteration, Hero MotoCorp has released two versions of this bike – Standard and Pro. We talked about the Rally version launched in 2022, well, for 2023, it's been rebranded as the Pro model, and sets itself apart with fancy, full-adjustable suspension on both ends. It also gets more off-road focused parts such as a taller seat, handlebar risers, an extended gear lever to accommodate off-road boots, and a longer side stand to make parking easier. 

On the performance side of the equation, the XPulse is powered by a 200cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine with flex-fuel capability. This means the motor can run on ethanol-blended fuel of up to 20 percent. Like all 2023 releases, Hero MotoCorp has also given the XPulse OBD-2 compatibility, in accordance to the latest emissions regulations in India. 

Hero Unleashes The New And Updated XPulse 200 4V Dual-Sport In India

Perhaps the biggest update to the XPulse comes in the form of three ABS modes consisting of road, off-road, and rally. As anticipated, road mode keeps ABS active, while off-road mode dials down the ABS intervention somewhat. Rally mode, meanwhile, allows you to go crazy with skids and stoppies by switching the ABS off completely. 

Another notable update can be found in the front of the bike, and that's a brand new LED headlight. According to Hero, its 230-percent brighter than that of the previous model, and does a much better job of illuminating the path ahead. Something particularly useful for riders who venture out of town and get caught in the dark during their adventures. A handy fly screen has also been added on top of the headlight, giving this dual-sport a more adventurous look. 

In terms of pricing and availability, expect the Hero XPulse 200 4V to hit local showrooms in the coming weeks. Color options consist of Matte Nexus Blue, Techno Blue, Black Sports Red and the Rally Edition graphics. As for pricing, the standard model retails for Rs 144,000, or about $1,740 USD, while the Pro version is slightly more expensive at Rs 151,000, or about $1,824 USD. 

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