If you’re a person who lives in the world, then you’re probably already well aware that different government agencies do things differently from one another. Getting a new driver’s license in a new state after you move, for example, can be a significantly different process than what you’ve done before.  

When you’re a vehicle manufacturer, different agencies each have their own registration requirements for the vehicles that you manufacture. In the case of the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, that model and VIN information—as directly reported by manufacturers—is made publicly available for interested parties to peruse at their leisure. 

Thanks to the folks at MV Agusta submitting updates to its Make and Model listings on April 5, 2023, we now have a look at several new model names that are on the horizon for the Varese brand. If you recall, MV Agusta showed off the 921S concept renders and Superveloce 1000 Serie Oro in its Milan showroom during EICMA 2022. Both of those bikes and more are shown in MV Agusta’s new NHTSA documentation. 

MV Agusta NHTSA Model Name Filings 2023

When MV Agusta showed off the 921 S Concept, it was just a series of rather beautiful renders, and not a tangible machine (even in concept form). However, both the 921 S and 921 GT are listed as upcoming models. Likewise, the Superveloce 1000 Serie Oro limited edition is on this list, accompanied by a Superveloce 1000 R and Superveloce 1000 S, which will presumably be more mass-production models instead of limited editions. Other new model names to note here include the Brutale 950, Dragster 950, Superveloce 98 Edizione Limitata, LXP (Lucky Explorer), LXP Orioli, and LXP Premium.  

As you may also have noticed in looking at the screenshot, there are a number of Husqvarna model names also present in this filing. The models listed aren’t new, although multiple variants of Husky Boy (J, M, R, and S) are listed.  

While Husqvarna (and KTM and GasGas) parent company Pierer Mobility did take a 25.1 percent stake in MV Agusta in 2022, it’s not clear whether those additions to this list have anything to do with that. It could also be a mistake of some kind, or perhaps something else entirely. 

Eagle-eyed observers may note that there’s one model missing from this list that MV Agusta showed off around EICMA 2022: the Ampelio electric scooter concept. Like the 921 S, it was presented as a series of renders—but unlike the 921 S, it’s not found on the list of recent NHTSA filings. That’s not really a surprise, since scooters are fairly niche items in the US market, and electric scooters even moreso. Also, we still don’t know if MV Agusta will move forward with the Ampelio in other markets yet. Here’s hoping that if it does, it looks reasonably close to the renders—because they’re quite lovely.

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