A new shoe for 2023, or rather a pair of boots, could be just what the doctor ordered. Racing boots are necessary for maximum protection and optimal performance while on track and Eleveit may just have the product for times when the weather is hot and the asphalt is hotter. 

This is the Eleveit S Miura Air, the Italian gear maker’s new boot that features added ventilation for track riders looking for a quality pair for their races and practices. 

Eleveit is no stranger to motorcycle boots, so the brand is taking from a well of experience in designing footwear for other riding disciplines, from touring to casual pairs, the S Miura Air is one of the models that offer some of the best technologies and protective elements that Eleveit can currently offer. 

The S Miura Air is a mid-tier offering in the brand’s racing line, with the “Air” name meaning more ventilation for when the race heats up. Eleveit has given this boot a full suite of injection molded guards to protect your feet if you do end up hitting the ground sliding. The sport boot is made with perforated and breathable microfiber on its upper. Inside, a mesh liner helps keep your feet fresh by letting air flow between the perforations of the upper and your foot. 

Gallery: Eleveit’s S Miura Air

On the medial side of the boot, you’ll find a suede panel that lines the inner shin all the way down to the arch of your foot. This inclusion improves grip and should help boost rider confidence when leaning out. 

Apart from that, the polyurethane protective elements help this boot to achieve a race-spec safety rating, and it is a PPE-certified boot for the race track according to the brand. You may find these reinforcements at the heel, at the toe, at the ankle, and on the shifter pad. The toe sliders are also replaceable, with extras provided by Eleveit. 

The S Miura Air presents a great value for a boot priced at just 209.90 EUR, or about $230 USD. The sizes available for this product start from EU 39 to EU 49 (US 6 to US 13). 

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