Inoue Rubber Co. (IRC) has nearly 100 years of tire manufacturing under its belt. The Japanese manufacturer started out producing bicycle tires before adding motorcycle rubber to its catalog in 1952. Nowadays, IRC offers a variety of models for street and dual-sport riding, but the brand specializes in trail, motocross, and trial tires.

To further cater to that audience, the IRC Tire USA Moto YouTube channel showcases off-road riding tutorials. At the helm, IRC Tire Guy Rich Larsen puts his hard enduro and trial skills to good use with informative tutorial videos. From beginner drills to mastering wheelies, from clutch control to target fixation, the series curriculum suits novice, intermediate, and expert riders alike.

In the latest video, Larsen addresses a common misconception within off-road circles. Whether traversing technical terrain or positioning your trials bike to surmount an obstacle, balance is key. In many instances, riders lift one leg when their balance is sacrificed. However, the IRC Tire Guy is here to tell you you’re doing it all wrong. Of course, Larsen includes himself among the offenders, because using the opposite leg as a balance beam comes naturally to many riders.

There is a better way, though. As Larsen demonstrates, correctly weighting the foot pegs is key to maintaining balance and offsetting weight shifts. He even puts that theory into practice, executing several drills to drive the point home. In one case, he enlists his brother to deliver a slight nudge, allowing him to recover with proper clutch slip, throttle application, and, you guessed it, peg-weighting.

Even more impressively, Larsen balances atop his stationary bike and removes his hands from the bars. This display not only wows the audience but also supports the presenter’s thesis. Now, Larsen has years of experience under his belt, but with time and practice, dual-sport riders and off-roaders can develop the same skills. After all, that’s the aim of IRC Tire USA Moto YouTube channel.

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