Accomplished rally rider Adam Riemann frequently showcases his exploits with his Motology Films banner and the ARiemann1 YouTube channel. As of late, the ADV expert has utilized his platform to help aspiring adventure riders hone their skills. After running through the basics in previous installments, Riemann highlights a more advanced technique in his latest video – power sliding.

We’ve all seen professional riders kicking out a rear wheel at corner entry or exit. Whether executing the maneuver on pavement or dirt, Riemann will tell you that one detail is critical: settling the chassis.

In a previous YouTube video, the Motology man broke down five fundamental skills for adventure riders. While each tip differed in its objective and execution, Riemann preached body positioning throughout. More specifically, he instructed viewers to remain neutral while pushing the bike below them. The same core technique applies here, albeit to a much higher degree.

As Riemann sets up his slides, he stresses the importance of settling the chassis. That could mean pushing down on your right handlebar while weighing your left foot peg. That could also constitute sitting in the saddle and lifting your inside leg as a counterbalance. The situations, circumstances, and methods change, but settling the chassis remains all-important, regardless.

With the chassis free to adapt to the numerous forces of a slide, the bike makes minute adjustments throughout the maneuver. Should the rider apply additional/contradictory forces to the chassis, however, executing such advanced techniques can grow increasingly dangerous.

I’ve personally taken power slides too far without properly settling the chassis and I’m only thankful they didn’t end in a crash. After all, when you get out of the bike’s way, it typically pulls off the feat with flying colors. Skills like power sliding aren’t learned while sitting on the couch, though. Adam Riemann may give us the knowledge we need, but to execute a proper power slide you have to get out there and do it yourself.

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