For UJM enthusiasts, the Honda CB400 Super Four is considered as one of the holy grail machines of the day. Over the course of many decades, the CB400 Super Four has seen many iterations and versions, but unfortunately, never officially made its way outside of Japan. As such, CB400 Super Fours sold in other parts of the world are mostly gray market imports – proof of how highly sought-after these bikes continue to be. 

Today, Honda continues to produce the CB400 in Japan. Not much has changed since the '80s – in fact, if you put the two bikes side-by-side, it could be hard to spot the differences. Beneath the surface, however, the current generation CB400 is packing fairly modern technology. The bike is powered by a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, inline-four cylinder engine, unlike the carbureted versions of the early days. 

Doremi Collection Has A New Type-X Body Kit For The Honda CB400 Super Four

Having said that, there are numerous special edition CB400s out there, with some of the most iconic being the Bol'Dor and the CBX400F. Yes, the latter featured similar styling as the CBX1000, the legendary inline-six screamer, but without the rather finicky engine. It differentiated itself with a distinctive tail section and side panels that were boxy, giving the bike a sportier look at the time. For reference, the CBX400F was produced only from 1981 to 1984. 

For fans of this iteration of the iconic UJM, Doremi Collection, a Japanese aftermarket specialist, has recently released a kit for the current-generation CB400 that gives the bike the same appearance as the CBX400F. As such, it ditches the sleek and tidy tail section for a boxier design just like that of the CBX. Sporty side panels cover the frame, while a new saddle finishes the look. 

Doremi Collection Has A New Type-X Body Kit For The Honda CB400 Super Four

The kit is available for both NC39 and NC42 CB400s, with the former being sold from 2003, and the latter from 2007 to 2014. From 2014 onwards, the model remains the same, albeit with minor styling revisions. At the rear of the bike, the tail light has been designed to look just like that of the CBX, featuring an integrated turn signal design. 

Doremi Collection Has A New Type-X Body Kit For The Honda CB400 Super Four

Doremi's Type-X kit for the CB400 Super Four is available in Japan on a made-to-order basis. As such, price for the kit isn't listed, as it will certainly vary depending on the type of CB400 (NC39 or NC42), as well as the customers color of choice. That said, if for whatever reason you happen to be in possession of a CB400SF and want to get a hold of this kit, you can try to make a reservation on Doremi's official website linked below.

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