Riding on the track can be a daunting prospect for the uninitiated. However, not all trips to the raceway require pushing your limits. One such example is the HondaGO Bike Meeting and the event welcomes riders of all skill levels to circulate the legendary Suzuka Circuit.

Scheduled for May 28, 2023, the HondaGO Bike Meeting makes track riding accessible to riders willing to abide by a few reasonable requirements. Participants must purchase tickets from HondaGO Bike Gear, arrive by motorcycle (four-wheeled vehicles are not permitted), and download the HondaGO RIDE app.

Regardless of manufacturer and displacement, any motorcycle approved for use on public roads can participate. However, attendees need to purchase tickets ahead of time (no same-day sales available). Honda also restricts sales to one ticket per person, but tandem riders can participate in the track ride with one stub. At just 2,000 yen (~$17 USD), admission remains affordable. On the other hand, only 5,000 units are available.

In addition to circuit tours on personal bikes, Honda will also offer one-lap test rides of its latest models. Those looking to improve their skills can also turn to on-site professional riders for advice and pointers. Big Red won’t restrict the fun to the track either.

Honda will showcase its latest gear, accessories/components, and full motorcycle lineup at the world-class facility. Riders can even partake in a photo shoot with their bike. To stay abreast of the latest updates, Honda encourages fans to download the HondaGO RIDE app or regularly check the event’s dedicated webpage.

Track riding might be a daunting prospect for many riders, but the HondaGO Bike Meeting aims to dispel those myths by hosting riders at the iconic Suzuka Circuit International Racing Course.

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