Sometimes a lesson is only learned the hard way. As motorcyclists, we know this all too well. Forget to pack your rain gear for a winter road trip? You won't forget the second time around. Take the wrong turn without GPS reception? Something tells us you’ll have paper maps the next time.

As riders rack up the miles, these learning experiences add up as well. YouTube creator Amanda Zito can attest to that statement, as she's earned her fair share of tough lessons throughout her travels. To help riders avoid the same unfortunate fates, Zito takes to her As the Magpie Flies channel to impart her wisdom on budding adventure-touring riders.

Title “6 Motorcycle Accessories Under $100 that Changed Riding for Me”, Zito’s latest video takes the self-deprecating route to friendly advice. For those just starting their two-wheeled travels, these veteran tips can mean the difference between arriving safely or turning back early.

Of course, with an ADV background, Zito’s recommendations slightly skew to that discipline, but her six suggested items can suit both on- and off-road riders. After all, pavement pounders will benefit just as much from heated grips, earplugs, cruise assist, and luggage straps. Nowadays, many touring models come equipped with heated accessories, cruise control, and full luggage options, but Zito’s inclusive breakdown also accommodates travelers on a budget.

While nearly all riders should pack a patch kit and tire inflator, the device can be a true blessing for off-roaders. Most mile-munching street riders can lean on roadside assistance. That’s not the case with trail explorers, so a reliable tire repair kit can save or ruin a trip.

The same goes for a portable jump starter. No one enjoys waking to a dead battery, especially when you’re off the beaten path. Hotel stayers can always ask fellow travelers for a jump, but the same luxuries aren’t afforded to dirt riders.

Riders frequently gain these knowledge nuggets over time, but thanks to Zito’s sage advice, ADV traveling doesn’t have to be a lesson learned the hard way.

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