Plenty of motorcycle manufacturers have ambitions of attaining lifestyle brand status. That’s no different with GASGAS. However, while many companies lean on urban mobility to attract hip city dwellers, GASGAS primarily produces off-road machines.

That dichotomy dictates the brand’s 2023 Casual and Functional clothing lines as well as the video produced to promote the collections. Featuring two enduro riders and five posers actors, the promotional video bandies between two disparate locations.

Out on the trail, the riders show off GASGAS-branded boots, gloves, pants, jerseys, helmets, and goggles. Covered head-to-toe in red, our intrepid enduro duo showcases the Functional line naturally. The same can’t be said for the Casual collection.

Gallery: GASGAS Casual and Functional Clothing Line

Tasked with matching the energy of off-road riding, the models are directed to dance, skateboard, or do some other performative gesture. All activities that have little to do with two-wheeled mobility. To associate the cool urbanites with the OEM, the production dresses the set with GASGAS models. However, most of the bikes lensed aren’t street-legal, foiling the illusion of adjacency.

Of course, including GASGAS’s ES 700 dual sport and SM 700 supermoto would have solved this issue. Seeing it from both sides, though, featuring a model from the firm’s G Enduro e-bike line did feel like a more organic fit. Though startups like Savic and boutique brands such as MV Agusta lean heavily into lifestyle and streetwear apparel, the same tactic requires a mighty stretch from GASGAS.

We have no doubt that the t-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, and hats that comprise the Casual collection live up to GASGAS’s quality standards and established aesthetics. We’re only surprised that the brand doesn’t lean further into its new street-legal ES 700 and SM 700 to authentically market the new lifestyle apparel.

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