Remember Stilride? The Swedish startup first introduced its rather stunning sheet metal origami electric scooter design back in November, 2020. Since it’s now April, 2023, we definitely don’t blame you if other things have taken up space in your mind between then and now. In March, 2022, Stilride popped up again to say that it had every intention of bringing the production version to market later in 2022—and then, crickets for the rest of the year. 

Now that it’s April, 2023, Stilride has released a bunch more information about its first electric two-wheeler—starting with how the company categorizes it. Its original identity (in-house at Stilride, at least) was Sport Utility Scooter (1). As of April 5, 2023, it has an official name for the public, and it’s Stilride 1. Also, the firm says, it’s a lightweight electric motorcycle—not a scooter. (I mean, to be fair, most electric motorcycles are functionally similar to modern scooters in that they’re essentially twist-and-go with no clutch.) 

Along with a new name, we also have some more concrete information about the Stilride 1. For a start, the very first bikes will be called the Limited Founders Edition, and will come with black fenders, black details, a stainless-steel chassis, and will be individually numbered.

It’s powered by a air-cooled, hub-mounted, 8-kilowatt permanent magnet synchronous motor that makes 207 pound-feet of peak torque and 155 pound-feet of nominal torque. Nominal power is 6 kilowatts, or about 8 horsepower. Top speed is 60 miles per hour. 

Gallery: Stilride - Stilride 1

The battery is a 5.1 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion unit, which Stilride says offers an estimated 75 miles of range on a single charge. It uses a standard 110/220-volt outlet to charge and can reach 100 percent of a full charge in four hours from empty.  

Suspension consists of an upside-down fork up front, and a single shock absorber in the rear. No details about any adjustability are given in the official spec sheet. It rolls on a pair of 13-inch wheels, which fit the exact same 130/60-13 tires. In the gallery, you may note that a set of Michelin City Grip 2 scooter tires are fitted—it's a pretty standard tire size for modern scooters, though. 

Stilride co-developed its braking system for the Stilride 1 with Swedish braking company ISR, with a master cylinder that’s integrated into the handlebar as a design element, not just a functional afterthought. The front brake uses a four-piston, 215mm caliper, while the rear uses a two-piston, 190mm caliper. Each Stilride 1 will come with ABS provided by Continental. It will also have connectivity via the Stilcontrol smartphone app, which will pair with the Stilride 1’s electric vehicle control unit (eVCU).  

Wheelbase is 1,290mm (50.8 inches), ground clearance is 140mm (5.5 inches), rake is 22 degrees, and trail is 82mm (3.2 inches). Seat height is listed at 810mm, or about 31.9 inches. Curb weight (including battery) is 286 pounds. Notably, the solo saddle is adjustable—and if you’re concerned about being able to carry stuff on this bike, an optional rear package rack is available. 

What about pricing and availability? The Stilride 1 is now projected for release to the public in 2024, with an exact date to be announced sometime in summer, 2023. MSRP for the Stilride 1 will start at €15,000 (which is about $16,412 as of April 5, 2023). According to the firm, each bike will be handmade in its facility in Stockholm.

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