In recent years, we’ve been so spoiled by the number of new companies that dream of introducing the next big thing on the electric bike scene that it takes a lot for us to get excited. Another day, another electric bike startup.  

Some startups understand that the field is crowded and that they need to find a way to stand out. Some of them opt for crazy electric range claims or sci-fi-worthy techs while others go all-in on the design front. That’s definitely the category Swedish STILRIDE goes in. Its innovation? Creating an elegant, origami-inspired design built out of folded metal sheets.   

Tubes and pillars are so 2019. Thanks to its “robotic origami” metal folding process dubbed LIGHT.FOLD, STILRIDE seeks to create "the world’s most attractive and sustainable electric scooter”. Not only that, but the company claims that this metal-folding process significantly reduces production and material costs while also being more environmentally friendly.  

STILRIDE Electric Scooter Concept
STILRIDE Electric Scooter Concept

The result is a scooter prototype with an abundance of sleek, flat, brushed metal surfaces and an interesting negative space that strikes a balance between the material’s sturdiness and the design’s airiness. Depending on the light, the structure can almost look invisible due to the metal's reflectivity.   

The design is the creation of SITLRIDE founder and industrial designer Tue Beijer who has been in the vehicle design business for 20 years. His resume includes working alongside legendary designer Giotto Bizzarrini, the creative mind behind some of the most iconic sportcars in history including the Ferrari 250 GTO. Beijer's love of old scooters and his first electric scooter design (that looks like a weird, half-moon-shaped Lambretta) informed the company's first concept’s aesthetic.   

What about the powertrain? All we know at the moment is that the scooter runs purely on electricity and uses a motor located in the rear wheel. There are no range or capacity figures available at the moment. 

Though a lot of startups don’t make it to the big leagues, we’re kind of rooting for this one. In case the quirky design isn’t enough to bring you on board the STILRIDE bandwagon, the whole concept of sustainability should do the trick.  

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