Unlike most trial motorcycle manufacturers, which prize competitive supremacy, French brand Scorpa focuses on enjoyment for all riders. Whether you’re a hardened trials expert or completely green in the discipline, Scorpa’s 2023 Trials SCT has a model to suit your needs.

The 125 SCT, 250 SCT, and 300 SCT may harness engines of differing volumes, but all three benefit from a tubular chrome-moly frame, a 39-millimeter fork, and a Reiger progressive rear shock with a control linkage. All three models feature the same 2.2-liter fuel tank along with a 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheel as well. Of course, Scorpa’s 123cc, 249cc, and 294cc two-stroke singles are the only characteristics separating the siblings.

Gallery: 2023 Scorpa SCT Lineup

However, the shared platform allows the French firm to distribute range-wide changes to each variant with little issue. For instance, the SCT’s cooling system earns 24 percent more cooling surface thanks to two additional intake transfers. The 2023 improvements don’t end there, either. Scorpa also runs the inverted water pump internally, boosts the radiator cores to 19, and shifts the radiator spout by 30 degrees.

The engine receives the most drastic overhaul, though, with the brand decreasing the thumper’s weight from 20.5 kilograms (45.2 pounds) to 16 kg (35.3 pounds). The crankshaft, five-speed gearbox, and shifting ratchet system also shed precious grams in 2023. The weight-saving efforts aren’t just restricted to the drivetrain. Everything from the frame to the foot pegs to the map switch shave mass as a part of Scorpa’s weight loss regimen.

The SCT family accommodates all skill levels, but experienced trial riders can enhance the frame’s rigidity with removable forged aluminum side plates or modify the engine’s compression ratio with the pre-compression system. Scorpa improves the SCT Trials lineup for competition-worthy performance, yet it never loses sight of enjoyment in the process.

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