In 1963, writer Osamu Tezuka brought his Astro Boy manga to television screens around Japan. The series not only garnered success and acclaim but went on to lay the groundwork for the anime of today. Remakes would follow in the ‘80s (New Mighty Atom) and early aughts (Astro Boy: Mighty Atom), but nothing man match the charm of the original series.

With the original manga celebrating its 70th anniversary and the series reaching its 60th anniversary, Honda and Tezuka Productions joined forces with Cub House Thailand to present the limited-edition Monkey Astro Boy model.

“In the creation of Monkey Astro Boy Limited Edition, based on the popular atomic boy Astro Boy anime of the 50s and 60s, it was the first Japanese anime to reach Europe and America. And still dominate the hearts of people around the world to this day,” explained Thai Honda Executive Chairman Shigeto Kimura. “We have perfectly conveyed the fun DNA of both Monkey and Astro Boy together, creating a unique, delivering a different experience.”

Gallery: Honda Monkey Astro Boy Limited Edition

Styled by Honda’s H2C Design team, the limited-run trim features iconic Astro boy colors with a white fuel tank adorned with red and black graphics. The series title and logo only accent the thematic color scheme while the red-painted frame and plaid leather seat cover add additional pops of color.

All 300 Monkey Astro Boy units bear a serialized badge on the fuel tank along with a stylized fuel lid. Big Red doesn’t forego the small details either. A side panel flaunting a chrome coating treatment says as much. However, the semi-clear air cleaner covers take the cake with stickers imitating Astro Boy's mechanic heart and control board.

Retailing for 129,900 Thai Baht (~$3,800 United States Dollars), the Monkey Astro Boy Limited Edition also comes with a Monkey x Astro Boy-branded jacket, an Astro Boy-styled helmet, and a premium carrying bag. Thailand’s Cub House already touts top-notch collaborations with Hot Wheels and One Piece, but its latest joint project shoots for the stars.

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